Arpo by Call Super- Rethinking the value of abstraction in music.

I’ve discovered the brand new file by Berlin-based techno producer Name Tremendous to be some of the fascinating listens of the yr. [I wrote a few words]( about my impressions of the album, however this is the wanting it. His music is uniquely noncommittal in the best way that it defies any typical style classification, and goals to be as open and free as attainable, the place anyone can take the music and expertise as they please.

Seeing an instance of such efficient abstraction acquired me pondering, what different musicians or albums have equally enigmatic qualities?


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  1. There’s certainly a great amount of new and emerging artists who are taking steps to not define themselves to one type of sound, taking influences from their global roots and fluidly moving between several genres with ease, as you’ve stated with Call Supers light touches of jazz and IDM alongside his usual techno and house style.

    Arca blends glitch, industrial music, Caribbean club rhythms and hip-hop with some Venezuelan salsa and joropo beats in his debut IIRC.

    Flying Lotus of course moves freely between jazz fusion and hip-hop with a comfortable alternation of acoustic and electronic touches.

    I’ll give more examples later, on mobile at the moment.

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