Free nail polish + $$ on Shopkick

So right now on Shopkick I came across this deal at Walgreens. 100kicks for strolling within the door at Walgreens + 500kicks for a receipt with Sally Hanson insta-dry nail polish that’s on clearance for $.99-$1.29. Since 500kicks=$2 present card, it’s a (small however enjoyable) cash maker. Plus free cute stocking stuffer, I imply, should you’re not egocentric like me…

[I just picked a color I liked.](

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  1. If you need Shopkick, download latest version for your phone [](from here); this is a non-referral link.

    Shopkick doesn’t do referrals but they are currently offering an extra 250kick bonus (a buck) to a user’s first scan/walk-in if you sign up using an invite code. I think you can still claim this bonus if you didn’t use an invite code initially, too… there’s an option to “add an invite code” under the “My Account” menu (find this by clicking the profile picture button at the top left of the app).

    My invite code is KIND287268

    Inviter gets 250kicks bonus when their code is used also. If you sign up with mine please share yours & let’s make a little train so more kicks can be had by all!

    *Mods I apologize if including my code is considered forum abuse, just wanted to share invite promotion info too since it’s been a while since I’ve seen any significant Shopkick posts* 🙂

  2. How is this different than ibotta? I am having problems with ibotta because there are only two stores in my town it works with and I shop mostly online. Ibotta rarely gives cash back in the categories I use the most on Amazon. Thanks.

  3. Got a few PMs asking about this so here’s a preview of the many, many retailers that give away kicks with no purchase required… keep in mind these are only the ones currently within like 10mi of me & not even all of those, got bored making screen shots. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    [Oh looky here ya’ll](

    edit: fixed link, don’t judge it’s late & I have fat fingers

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