Has anyone received a payout from panel?

I’ve earned sufficient factors to obtain the £5 Amazon voucher. Everybody I attempt to redeem it, the app says I’ve to confirm my e mail, however they by no means ship a verification e mail. I used to be questioning if anybody had really acquired a payout?

Incase anybody was questioning, panel app is a background android app that sells your location historical past in return for every day factors. [Ref link](http://panelapp.me/l836)

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  1. I had problems the two times that I cashed out, but I finally got someone in their customer service to answer my emails and was paid out for both. I waited the full two weeks in both situations (a few months for the first one); so if you haven’t been paid out after that, I would try contacting them.

  2. I’ve redeemed multiple times. Check your spam for the verification email to verify your account and then add them to your contact list to avoid future issues.

    Once you’ve redeemed, though, it’s a bit of a waiting game. Takes a week or two to get your money from them.

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