Has slidejoy glitched? Woke up to 90,303 karats slated for January, I haven’t put in anywhere NEAR that much activity lately.

It is all coming in increments of 325 and 892.
I don’t know what’s taking place, however to this point it is at 96,388 karats and it could have stopped. All I’ve carried out just lately are a couple of cint surveys and used the lockscreen.
Replace: it isn’t stopping. It is now at 97,605.
Replace 2: now it is 114,318.
Replace three: appears to have stopped at 128,922.
Replace four: I suppose it hasn’t stopped https://imgur.com/1DnM7p4
Replace 5: it is at 324,057

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  1. Cash out and see what happens. 99.9% chance it gets denied and you get banned but there’s always that .1% chance it goes through. That’s enough of a chance to risk it. It’s not like your losing out on more then a dollar or two a month if they do ban you.

  2. This is probably the time when you should be contacting support to inform them of an abnormality with your account. If you just sit on it until they catch it, you could very easily end up banned.

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