Legit email from Applause?


Obtained this electronic mail immediately however I dont keep in mind registering for any sort of software program testing. I dont thoughts testing it however I need to see if anybody has gotten this electronic mail earlier than and might affirm it’s legit.

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  1. There is a Facebook Research program monitor that was listed a while back. I posted about it [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/beermoney/comments/6jq3x4/vpn_journey_original_credit_to_post_by_upueblopub/) and credited the original poster I found it from. I would verify that email address and all but the one I got came from a name like Vaselvious or something.

    If it is the same then it is legit and has paid out every month to Paypal. They are on Usertesting and are pretty good.

    Personally, I would sign up under someone as, when I did, there was a bonus but it may have changed. I started in June and have been paid every month since. They initially were going to end this year but are continuing to the next year. They do install a VPN but other apps have continued to work fine and allow me to cashout still.

    PM me if you want my referral for the actual program. I never got the email you got but it could be legit. I would rather get in through the actual app though.

  2. Also, here is basically my email that I got when I first joined:

    Thanks for joining the Facebook research program!

    We would like to offer you a $40 bonus if you install the app by Sunday, June 25 (end of the day) and complete two months of participation in the project. This bonus is in addition to the monthly payout of $30 for every month of participation which means you will earn $100 in two months! You will receive 20$ after you complete one month of participation and $20 after you complete the second month.

    Next steps and App installation guidelines:

    · Please follow the guidelines in this link or in the attached document for the installation of the research app and verify that the app is installed on your mobile device.

    · Your code for installing the app on your Android device:

    · After you complete the installation, please reply to this email with text “App installed”.

    · Please continue to use the device with the installed app regularly – no other action is required.


    · Payout for the project participation will be 30$/month for every month of participation.

    · An additional bonus of $10 will be paid for every 3 consecutive months of participation.

    · Payments will be made in the beginning of each month for the previous month activity.

    We will only use the email address for communications related to the project and NOT for any other purposes.

    Please contact FacebookResearch@applausemail.com for any questions.”

    Looks like they are with Applause but even my latest email from them, about 2 weeks ago, has never come from them and usually comes from one email. So I would implore you to not sign up with a random email. While they could be reaching out, most of what I did was based on emailing them myself so I would not trust that email.

  3. I have to agree with SoulCrusher588 on this one, as I’m also in the program. Like you, I don’t remember signing up to try and register for the program, but I think if memory serves they had an application through Google Docs. However, the testing was (and still is) conducted through uTest for me (which is an app testing company by Applause). SoulCrusher588 basically nails everything they do. And if you have questions (and I had a million of them) vmavrou@applausemail.com was the email I got it from (Vasileios Mavrou). It is legit though and I have been paid every month for it, but the process was kind of confusing to go through lol.

  4. I found the current link to it telling you what the testing is exactly about:


    Previous/Next Project Listing
    Jan 08United States
    URGENT Need for Young Adult Social Media Users (age 18-24)

    We are looking for young adult testers in the United States to participate in testing of a social media app that works in the background of your mobile device. Participants should be aged 18-24 to be eligible for the project.

    Testing will require nothing but installing the customer’s app on your phone and leaving it in the background for the project term. You will then use your phone as usual. Payout for this project will be $30 per month and offered for each month that you participate.

    We are also offering an additional $20 installation bonus if you install the customer’s app and keep it running for at least two months

    IMPORTANT: If you apply for this project you MUST commit to installing and leaving the app on your phone for the duration of the project (at least 2 months)

    The customer’s app will be generating statistics about how participants use their phone and mobile apps and will gather data including website URLs, general app usage, data usage, and other general trends in order to improve the user experience.

    Project Details:

    Start Date: NOW!
    Location: United States only
    Testing Type: Passive testing
    Devices: iOS 8+ and Android 6+ smartphones (no tablets)
    Additional: Testers must be willing to install the app on their device and leave it running in the background as it collects usage statistics

    PLEASE NOTE: Due to the volume of submissions, you will only be contacted if you are invited to the project.

  5. Personally, I wouldn’t trust it. It’s not offering you software to test. It doesn’t even use the word ‘test’ anywhere in the e-mail. It’s offering you software to put on your device to track your activity. It’s offering to pay you to leave the app on your device which isn’t exactly unheard of, but there are a few warning signs that may or may not indicate that not all is as it seems.

    First, it’s offering quite a lot of money for simply leaving an app on your device.

    Additionally, the e-mail doesn’t actually tell you what it’s going to be tracking. It doesn’t mention anything about bandwidth requirements. It’s asking you to take a lot on faith, which is how people end up with all manner of malicious trash on their devices.

    I’m trying to think of a country where you might expect to find a company that can afford to pay you $30/month + quarterly bonus where they would type it as “30$/month”. That’s not even a typo. That’s someone who normally expresses their currency after the denomination, which is another red flag for me.

    At the very least, I would inquire about this in detail. If they don’t give you specifics, I wouldn’t install the app. But the key is that you have to read and understand their response, because you misunderstood what they were saying in this one and that’s not the best.

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