Miss my 2013 beermoney earnings.

[beermoney ](https://ibb.co/jJtV76)

Use to make as much as $20+ some days off of 1 web site.

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  1. Damn i remember when prizerebel had those downloadable offers of those games and apparently people were not supposed to farm all of them which gave 1.25-1.50 each but were countless and quick to credit. Apparently the site had to pay it back.

  2. Surely it hasn’t changed that much…., exploits are hidden and people who upscale are to scared of getting banned.

    I make $20 a week or so. Wouldn’t otherwise without 🍺 money so god-damned thank you too you all!

  3. Yeah, paid surveys and other slave labor sites used to pay a lot more and it was easier to earn a minimum wage hourly off of these sites. Now, it’s a hilarious joke. Most of these sites are worth $1 an hour if you’re lucky and everything works smoothly.

    I see people on here excited over $5 to $10 a week and I just can’t even when I know they’re spending HOURS to get it. When I see people who can type coherent English all I can wonder is why they’re not writing articles on Fiverr or some other slave site and making 100x more than they do on these piss poor penny chasing sites. I used to make some side money on GPT sites and it’s just such a joke now. I’ve gone through all the “Best Beermoney Sites” and they’re honestly all just such a joke.

  4. Used to make a lot of money back then haha. I remember spending a whole summer doing perktv, swagbucks, clixsense, and some music reviewing site and making like 600$ over the summer to buy a PlayStation. Good times.

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