To those of you trying Baymack/Snuckles

Do not. I bought fortunate(ish) and bought $1 in a single entry from one other customers publish. I identified earlier than how beermoney should not depend on RNG to generate profits, and right here we’re.


To redeem your cash, get 2 buddies to get 1 entry every

(it is possible for you to to freely redeem each time after this)”

Yeah, no. Go suck a dick, Baymack, and I like to recommend all of you guys to give up too if you’re utilizing it.

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  1. Well you have to wonder. Are they a new website? I also hate these kind of things but if it’s a new beerminey thing or just starting out, I can understand them because they’re trying to get new members. You cannot just give out money without making a profit, right? Be increasing the revenue to their site and the more people who join probably would make it better. I see no problem with it as you’re getting money and letting your friends about it so they can get some as well, in return they invite even more friends, etc.

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