Walmart Savings Catcher is changing

>Beginning February 1st, the Financial savings Catcher program will probably be altering to make redemptions simpler. These modifications embody:

>* Your rewards will mechanically be transferred to a Financial savings Catcher eGift card every time they’re earned. No must manually redeem your rewards.

>* Your Financial savings Catcher eGift card will probably be mechanically saved to your account for you, so you’ll not obtain emails along with your Financial savings Catcher eGift card bar code.

>* The power to switch rewards to a Bluebird card will probably be discontinued

>* Walmart Pay will change into the popular technique to spend your Financial savings Catcher rewards in-store. Moreover, you’ll proceed to have the ability to spend your rewards on

>* You don’t have to instantly spend your rewards once they’re transferred to your eGift Card. You may select to build up them as desired.

TL:DR bluebird is being discontinued and Walmart Pay is turning into the default redemption methodology.

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  1. I’m already having trouble with Walmart Pay, generally comparing incorrect prices with Savings Catcher. A few months ago I would get a response in a few days or at worst a week, it’s been at least three weeks and nothing. Through the app it’s worse as you need the date of the ad, it’s hard when it takes days for a price comparison and a new ad is already out.

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