Does Sweatcoin actually pay out?

have there been confirmed payouts? thanks!

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  1. I use it. Sucks battery like no other but I did get a free month to calm. It’s a meditating app I use and that I really enjoy since it helps me sleep. So it has been beneficial for me but if you’re saving for actual money I say it’s a no go.

  2. It’s frustrating because it 1) sucks your battery dead like Pokemon Go on speed and 2) it doesn’t count even a third of your steps unless you are outdoors the whole time. My Fitbit would record me at nearly 20k steps and Sweatcoin would record it as around 2k.

    I feel like this app would be great if I were a park ranger who walked around outside all day or something like that. Or maybe a bike messenger. But working indoors, even in an active job, it’s pointless.

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