Earn extra $$$ while driving around via PAYVER

In the event you drive on daily basis check out [Payver](https://www.getpayver.com). It is a dashcam app that you simply use to report your journeys. You rack up factors for driving that may be exchanged for Amazon reward playing cards or Paypal money. Journeys are recorded domestically in your telephone and uploaded while you’re linked to wifi. The corporate makes use of the movies for self-driving automobile software program.

Level redemption works out to about Three-5c per mile – not a ton however should you drive to work on daily basis like I do it might probably add up.

Drive protected!

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  1. this app is great, i have been using it since last year. customer support is very responsive and helpful.

    Here is the payment proof in case anyone is wondering
    [Click here for payment proof](https://imgur.com/a/1kZ8s)

    They do not record sound as indicated by their [FAQ](https://www.getpayver.com/#faq)

    i dont see any referral train in this post so im going to start one!
    [ref](https://payver.app.link/6bzANYluYJ) you will get 1,000 points to start (that is about 83 cents from the $5 cashout)

    let me know if you have any more questions!

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  3. Just seen this and tried it. Basically after setting up your account, whenever your in a car, all you do is press record. You must have a window mount. After your done driving, you would have to upload the dash cam footage (already did a few, 2.8 miles and 15 mile drive). Uploading is done under “logs” and is set to upload via wifi (cellular options disabled but can be enables if anyone has unlimited). So far i only have 1 uploaded. Looks like videos are not compressed so its taking forever to upload and earn points.

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