If you’re thinking of selling your old devices for money, think twice before using Decluttr

This was additionally reported [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/beermoney/feedback/6pq1h3/be_careful_with_decluttr/), however I simply needed to share my expertise with you all. TL;DR Decluttr will refuse to buy your gadgets as soon as you’ve got already despatched them, blame different firms, and when these different firms name them on their BS, they will all of a sudden give you half value to your system.

I just lately bought a brand new telephone and needed to promote my 64GB iPhone 6s Plus. I initially bought it unlocked at full value, and, as properly all telephones I purchase, it was in a case with a display protector the complete time I had it, so it was in impeccable situation. I used to be occupied with Gazelle or someplace else, however Decluttr provided $50 greater than them for it (and next-day fee!) so it appeared like a no brainer to ship to them.

Once they acquired my gadgets, I acquired an e-mail 2 days later saying they could not purchase again my telephone as a result of they ran a CheckMEND report on it and that report marked the telephone as misplaced or stolen, and that in addition they would not even return the system to me on condition that. This appeared fairly ridiculous to me, so I assumed they made an error working the system ID or one thing. Per their instruction, I took the CheckMEND report ID and pulled up the report myself–no pink flags! There was a small warning signal subsequent to at least one indicator that stated “One other establishment might have beforehand had monetary curiosity on this system, however that curiosity has expired.” That appeared to make sense and appeared like one thing that may very well be on any telephone. It definitely was not a pink flag (these are very apparent on a CheckMEND report), so I wrote again to Decluttr to ask them to make clear or run the report once more.

I acquired the identical precise canned reply again. So, annoyed, I contacted CheckMEND for his or her assist. They assured me that there was no logical purpose for any third occasion to make use of the flag on this report as a purpose to say the telephone is marked as misplaced or stolen. They principally stated “Companies can do enterprise nonetheless they need, in order that they *can* say they are not going to purchase based mostly on this historic flag if they need, however they’d nonetheless should return it; most locations do not function like this and what they’re saying this flag means definitely is not true.” They suggested me to ahead their e-mail to Decluttr, which I did.

I acquired *the identical* canned reply as a reply–Oops! We will not course of your system as a result of it is flagged as misplaced or stolen, and many others. I work in customer support, so at this level I knew precisely what was happening. And whereas I completely hate having to do that, it was clear I wanted to make use of one other methodology to get to them, so I began contacting them on Twitter. I allow them to know that if they do not acknowledge their mistake, I’d be contacting all consumer-protecting companies attainable, in addition to contemplating authorized motion. Voila–an earnest reply on Twitter and magically I used to be receiving reputable, non-canned-answer emails. Once more, I hate doing this and DO NOT advocate it as a result of complaining about customer support on Twitter is a fast approach to get a very unhealthy status with that firm, however at this level I did not care to ever do enterprise with them once more, and anybody who’s sincere and works in customer support will inform you that regardless that we hate it, after we *do* discover we have made a mistake, we rush fairly quick to make it proper. However I digress.

Nonetheless, even after the Twitter trade, the non-canned-answers had been saying the identical thing–your CheckMEND report says it is misplaced or stolen so we’re not paying you and we’re not returning the system. I contacted CheckMEND once more to ask them if there was ANYTHING they may do, regardless that I knew this wasn’t their downside. CheckMEND was sort sufficient to contact Decluttr immediately, and right here was their reply:
> Whats up Decluttr enquiries,
>Now we have been contacted by your buyer [redacted] relating to IMEI [redacted]. They’ve stated that you just contemplate the IMEI to be telephone networked blocked. Please notice no telephone community block has been detected in opposition to IMEI [redacted]. You may view this by coming into the certificates ID [redacted] on the following hyperlink:
>Now we have discovered one info file on this system indicating prior historical past of earlier possession/monetary curiosity in it. That is historic info solely and not an lively flag.
>As there are not any lively information on the system we’d not anticipate it to be rejected on account of the CheckMEND report. Chilly you recheck the IMEI or make clear your choice to reject it?
>Whereas it’s as much as yourselves what gadgets you’ll settle for please notice that an amber Assetwatch file alone wouldn’t forestall the gadgets authorized sale or be grounds for quarantine. Nor wouldn’t it be essential to refer the trade-in buyer to Checkmend help as rejecting an merchandise with solely an amber file detected in opposition to it’s purely at your discretion. If you don’t want to settle for this merchandise on the market you could return it to the client to allow them to try resale elsewhere.


Abruptly Decluttr modified their tune:
>Whats up,
>Order quantity: [redacted]
>As you already know, we examine each system we obtain in opposition to the Nationwide CheckMEND register.
>Right now, we’ve been licensed to supply [$125.50] as a result of block on the system. Your unique provide was [$251.00].
>Alternatively, we are able to now return your system freed from cost.
>Please tell us which possibility would swimsuit you greatest.
>We stay up for your response and apologize once more for the delays in processing your order.

So scummy all the way in which round. Had I not pursued this aggressively, I’d have successfully had my telephone stolen from me. Once I did pursue it aggressively, they all of a sudden decrease their value to half, regardless of the a number of proofs I offered them (together with my Apple receipt) that I paid full value (round $1000) for this device–no one owns it however me.

So, please watch out with Decluttr. If one thing appears too good to be true, it most likely is.

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  1. Don’t mind me, just helping out the folks who are googling about them.


  2. decluttr use to be real good, I use to find books at library sales etc and send them in for some cash. All was well until I scored some newer school books and I was suppose to get a nice $350 dollar check. Mysteriously every single book that was over $15 USD was “unacceptable” cause of damage or highlighting when there was none on any of them. After much hassle and fighting I got the books back 4 months later and ended up selling them on ebay instead

  3. This is almost identical to the experience I had with Decluttr, including the sudden offer of half the quoted price after I pushed back on the CheckMEND report that they initially claimed made it impossible for them to accept my device. I had them send it back and, while it was definitely more effort, sold on eBay. Even with fees and shipping costs, I still made more than they initially offered.

    Decluttr can go screw.

  4. That’s pretty awful. Normally if it was a ‘first response’ kind of issue I wouldn’t be too concerned about it, even if they stuck to their original line for a while. But to keep up with the same incorrect response after the escalation prompted by your Twitter correspondence was a massive red flag. Normally you would expect that it would have gone in front of someone who would make an accurate determination based on the facts, but they stick to the same line. And then, even after being told by CheckMEND that they were not interpreting the information correctly and to toe the line or send it back, they have the balls to try to talk you down on it.

    That’s just straight up bad business, no two ways about it.

  5. Just sell locally through Craigslist, LetGo, etc.
    In 2015 thought about selling my iPhone through Gazzelle and other online-based places but the price just didn’t match my expectations (Under $200). I thought I lived in an area with too few people and wouldn’t get anyone interested. Boy was I wrong.

    I sold my iPhone 6 (with some cases) for $500 through craigslist. There was no haggle either. I got a text the same day I posted it telling me she was interested. We came up with a place to meet and met the very next day. I bought the Galaxy S7 with that money + $50 more.

    I sold that S7 – 5 months ago for $250, bought an S7 Edge for $255 and sold it 2 weeks later for $270. Used that money + a couple hundred bucks and got an S8+.

    I usually post it, get a response in a day or 3, make plans quickly and meet the vert next day or the next next day. For some reason, no one on Craigslist has ever haggled with me (I would always haggle). LetGo kinda sucks because a lot of people just lowball everything. “Oh you listed your phone for $270? Will you take $110?”. Plus people will message you on the app that they’re interested and after you message them back they either never respond or they take days to respond. They don’t know how to pull the trigger on LetGo. No shipping cost, no fees, just straight up cash or trade if you want that

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  7. Not going to lie, Craigslist would have been a better offer, (unless $50 was just an example) even if legit you’re getting ripped off big time.. I sold my old iPhone 5s a few months ago for $125 with a broken home button too. If they’re buying, there’s a reason behind it.

    Edit: Or you may possibly have needed the money which is understandable.

  8. Consider reporting them to your state’s attorney general as well as filing in small claims court. Although their failure to return the device could also be reported to your local law enforcement agency. You could also try reporting the app as being deceptive at the FCC or in the app play stores. For example, here is Google’s reporting system, although I am sure itunes has a similar thing: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/2853570?visit_id=0-636521689844096678-568393436&p=report_content&rd=1

  9. Well I haven’t had any problems with Declittr. They even took my iPod nano that doesn’t even work anymore with no issues (for $5).

    Why didn’t you just sell your working, barely old phone on eBay? My nano is so old (and non-functional) there was no reason for me to try to sell it anywhere, but you didn’t have that issue. And they don’t give you cash but Amazon trade in takes phones and stuff too (for Amazon gift cards).

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