One year with Google survey. $15.80

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  1. I get a $.30-.40 survey every day, because I live across the street from a closed-down Sears store, and I keep saying I went there and didn’t purchase anything. I’m pretty sure people living in big cities get more surveys with location turned on.

  2. The good thing for me, in France, is that I get paid directly to PayPal, why on Earth isn’t this available in the US first? The bad though is that there’s an approximate $3 minimum withdrawal amount, which is fine but takes about 2 months to reach.

  3. $125.00 since 11/8/2017, I used to do Google Survey from the play store. I only made like $1.00. In November, I received and email from Google research coordinator asking me to participate in a Google Study. At first I thought it was a spam email, but nope! It was legit real deal!

  4. Ah, that explains it, why I haven’t ever heard of it or cared – looked it up, sounds like you didn’t actually earn *money*, you earned google play credit? I totally don’t even care about Google play credit, dunno what I’d do with it. Amazon credit I’m ok with, cause Amazon sells pretty much everything, but that’s the only thing I bother with other than actual cash.

    edit: I am totally confused as to why this is being downvoted. Seems relevant to discuss the site in a thread about the site.

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