Co-founder of EarnHoney is CTO at DoGoodMedia which owns DiscoveryMedia technology

Posting this right here as a result of posts are being faraway from r/earnhoney. I knew they’re all the identical firm. Now there’s proof. Op of [this]( thread posted this pic Looking Google for Michael Sheng finds his [Crunchbase]( person/michael-sheng#section-overview) web page the place it says he is the co-founder of EarnHoney. Clicking on the Linkedin hyperlink on that web page takes you to his [Linkedin profile]( the place it says he is presently the CTO at DoGood Media. Here is a [screenshot]( placing the proof collectively so individuals do not need to log in and in case something will get deleted or altered. It additionally says on his Linkedin web page he used to work for FavGames LLC, so now we all know who u/favgames is.

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  1. I appreciate your digging, but the thing is, most people accept that EH is linked with DM, and know they’re pulling some stuff, but overall they’re a beermoney site which can be relied on to pay, so there’s really nothing that people will fight EH on unless EH starts not paying people.

  2. honestly – WHO CARES? what difference does it make? does this help your earnings? does it help you get “unbanned” or your soft ban lifted?

    if you don’t like them, stop using them.

    for me personally (even without discovery media) it’s still one of my top and most reliable earners!!!

  3. I’ve always felt that Earnhoney gets a lot of undeserved hate in their sub.

    I’ve been doing the Beermoney/GPT thing for nearly a decade now and used to talk regularly with a couple GPT site owners. The thing is, this stuff has never been fair and it never will be fair. Sometimes people receive credit, sometimes they don’t, and there are a lot of mysteries. Users get mad at the owners of the website when things aren’t going their way and they get even more pissed off when they don’t receive an explanation… but often there’s nothing they can do. The advertisers are the ones making the decisions. They want things to be vague for the site users. The GPT site owner often doesn’t know why thing are/aren’t happening and if they do, they can’t give their users any information or they’ll risk pissing off the advertiser and losing the offer(s) and then everybody misses out on that money. Site owners play a delicate game of trying to keep both their users and advertisers happy.

  4. Wow, someone who co-founded a company and is now working at another company? That like almost never happens. Usually they just roll over and die.

    u/Threw_it_to_ground just look at his name “psychosis” a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality.

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