Datsik cancells all future shows and festivals performances

Datsik cancells all future reveals and festivals performances


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  1. Wow, the internet is in full mob mentality mode at this point. The accusations are literally snapshots of people on Facebook, yet people are completely sure he did it. This is a sad time to be alive, where people have to assume guilt or else you get destroyed by the social media mob.

  2. Trampa, Cookie Monta, Eptic, Jauz… lots of other industry professionals and artists have confirmed his behaviour on Twitter.
    Yes, the only evidence is screenshots, but look at how this blew up… if the girls haven’t gone to the authorities already, I’m sure they’ll have to now.
    It takes a lot of courage to speak up about sexual assault. Some people never speak up. And the negative attitudes, victim blaming etc makes those who need help scared to come forward.
    The unfortunate thing is, without any physical evidence, he likely won’t be convicted. And if they go to court, he has a lot more money for lawyers than a few young girls.
    I trust those that I know in the industry and I trust my gut. I’ve met this dude and have ALWAYS felt uncomfortable about him. He has no control over his substance use and all of the people he surrounds himself encourage the bad behaviour… probably bat a few eyes here and there too. I’ve heard countless stories about him prior to this that weren’t rape but borderline assault and definitely questionable. His halfassed statements and lack of apology really seal the deal in me losing all respect for the guy.
    As someone whose looked up to this piece of shit since I discovered dubstep, and as a survivor of sexual assault, this situation breaks my heart and I truly hope this changes the misogynistic, drug fuelled and shady dynamic in the industry.

  3. So this is basically another Gas Lamp Killer situation. Artist gets accused of rape and sexual assault. Accusations seem to be true, and most likely are. Artist makes half assed apology. At least this piece of shit had enough sense to cancel his shows, a stark contrast to his treatment of these women, because continuing his tour would have pretty much sprayed gasoline all over the fire that’s building, and then crashing a fucking bus into it. Guess I’ll start throwing out all my shit featuring this fuck, and Firepower.

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