Google Opinion Rewards Hacks!

what you are seeing right here is the results of my google now search, adopted by the survey consequence i acquired simply now. i wished to share this with everybody becuase loads of people wish to say the app is lifeless and that their surveys have stopped. properly that is not the case, however fairly you’re a lifeless consumer which means you aren’t interacting with googles merchandise!

on this case, i used to be messing round with google now and went as far as to decide on the “im bored” possibility. plenty of choices got here on the display that i didn’t acknowledge and so i select “strangest day ever.” after all i did it with my voice as per the directions from google now. lo and behold, 1 minute later i had a brand new survery! simply thought i’d share this with you all, since i’ve had a hunch about this however have had no proof.

when you have opinion rewards and have not gotten something shortly, remember to open up some google apps you will have just like the play retailer, or now, something google associated. or hell perhaps simply do some power-using on google maps or one other app you will have. one time i do know i used to be trying to find journey choices in my metropolis after which opinion rewards was asking me about it moments later. as soon as they know you are interacting with their merchandise they may probably hit you up on your oh-so-valuable opinions!

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  1. lol it works! I just installed it on my chromebook. 10 min later, I got 22 cents. It asked what I do the most in the week. I said mobile games.

    only downside= it expires after a year.

  2. confirmed. just read some articles about something related to tech, and digged around on google weather a bit. sure enough, survey cropped up and wham, 30 cents in play credit.

  3. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to be getting asked nearly daily about what stores I haven’t visited recently. That’s the only one I get but the 10-35¢ daily is nice

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