Selling social media likes, can anyone share their experience?

Promoting social media likes, can anybody share their expertise?

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  1. Buying likes for social media can get your account banned. That means that if you’re taking money from people to provide them with likes, you’re potentially contributing to the banning of their account. Would you give their money back if it was your likes that triggered the ban?

    It’s unethical, and if an account is found to be receiving likes from illegitimate sources, there are no warnings. It’s just a straight up permanent closure of the account. Find a better way to make money.

  2. Nobody will tell you exactly how they do it the cheapest.

    I use a fiverr alternative and that guy uses bots I guess, because with sites like followlike the likes are either too slow, or people unlike very fast.

    Bots never unlike stuff, making the product ” stick”.

    Easiest way to get started selling these kind of products is finding the cheapest seller and reselling his products. Test them first before you sell them to others.

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