Cash4essays has increased their budget and now show the latest date that you will be paid

If you’re unaware, cash4essays buys your previous essays for $2. There are particular standards such because the essay should not have private info like your title, cannot be shorter than 200 phrases, and should resemble an precise essay. They put the essay in a database to scan for plagiarism.

I’ve earned $146 to this point since I began importing about 2 years in the past. It used to take ceaselessly to receives a commission, however they’ve elevated their price range and essays that I’ve simply uploaded will likely be paid for no later than Aug. 26 (belief me it used to take like a yr to receives a commission earlier than).


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  1. So could you just sit down and write essay after essay, meeting basic criteria and get paid a decent amount? Even someone who wasn’t good at writing could probably just bang out a bunch right? Or is there something I’m missing here?

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