Creating the Extremely Genre Specific /r/electronicmusic Playlist Week 38: Glitch Hop


Don’t publish simply glitch or simply hip hop, glitch hop is its personal entity.

As all the time, be happy to publish a short description of the style as properly. It’s all the time tremendous good to have an elevator pitch for a style which describes how it’s comparable and totally different from different genres – principally what to look out for.

Attributable to technical difficulties final week that restricted responses the DRUMSTEP THREAD IS OPEN UNTIL 5/20!

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5/21 – Breakbeat

5/28 – Brostep


One of the crucial wonderful issues about music is that its selection permits it to cater to the tastes of everybody regardless of the nice variations in between folks. This could additionally result in a problem, nonetheless, as, regardless of our greatest efforts to categorize music into genres that can be utilized to neatly describe particular kinds, discussing tastes will be difficult to somebody who’s unfamiliar. Particularly now that there are such a lot of totally different genres, it may be formidable to attempt to discover what a brand new style is absolutely about or find out how to clarify your favourite style to a good friend. To fight this problem, I’ve determined to begin this weekly exercise wherein everybody can work collectively to create /r/electronicmusic ‘s extraordinarily style particular playlists.

It is easy, nominate a music by posting it, and *upvote* those you want that match properly throughout the style. The highest 20 songs from particular person artists will probably be made right into a playlist.

**Tips for Posting**

• Hold it one music per publish.

• Please examine the thread to see in case your music has already been posted.

• At all times keep in mind to make use of Artist – Music.

• No songs that had been already on a playlist.

• Please embrace a hyperlink to the music.

• Please restrict your self to *10* submissions per style.

• Bear in mind that by sorting feedback by “high” you might be lacking out on quite a lot of good songs.

• Do not be afraid to NICELY inform somebody the music is best suited to a different style, and do not be offended if somebody tells you this.

• *Please upvote. An excellent common rule is for each publish you submit you must vote on at the very least one different submission.*

**Week 38: Glitch Hop**

RYM Definition of [Glitch Hop](

Glitch hop, because the identify implies, is a mixture of Hip Hop beats with parts of Glitch music. Whereas the style has its early roots within the late 1990s with IDM artists akin to Autechre and Funkstorung, glitch hop actually began to take form within the early 2000s with digital producers Prefuse 73 and Dabrye (each of whom launched their debut albums on June 11 2001) fusing Hip Hop instrumentals with glitchy results and strategies together with beat repeaters, sweeps chopping, skipping, repeating, chopping and bit crush discount. Later within the mid 2000s, artists from Los Angeles akin to Daedelus and edIT additional expanded the style by together with influences from different music genres akin to Folktronica.

In 2006, the Low Finish Idea evening membership was established in Los Angeles by producer and Alpha Pup Data label head Daddy Kev and would turn out to be the epicenter of the burgeoning Los Angeles’ instrumental hip hop scene. The collective of producers that will frequent the venue (together with Flying Lotus and his related Brainfeeder label, Nosaj Factor, The Gaslamp Killer and Shlohmo) grew to become related to the colloquially titled L.A. beat scene. These artists employed J Dilla’s unqantised and off-kilter method to beatmaking and experimented with different totally different kinds and strategies, melding Instrumental Hip Hop, Dubstep, Ambient and Jazz music amongst different genres. Many of those artists went on to outline the Wonky sound.

By the 2010s, the style was adopted by Digital Dance Music DJs that more and more drew affect from the maximalist, bass-focused sounds of Brostep and Neurofunk with acts like edIT’s The Glitch Mob, Fairly Lights and KOAN Sound headlining festivals around the globe. In the meantime, producers on unbiased labels akin to Matthewdavid’s Leaving Data continued to push the boundaries of the style by stripping away conventional construction, rhythm and type. The fractured, lo-fi pattern constructions of artists like Ahnnu and dakim blurred the traces between pattern based mostly hip hop, Plunderphonics and experimental Sound Collage.

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