English Transcription Correction (1.5M tasks, $60,000 in payments) about $11/hour – DefinedCrowd/Neevo

### When you’ve completed this earlier than please submit that “proof” under and say different good issues about us. Thanks! And in case you have any recommendation/suggestions for brand spanking new folks, please submit it too!

### **UPDATE 5/16: DONE!**

**We’ve a brand new process for all native English (United States) audio system that may take heed to audio recordings and write/appropriate sentences!**

I will be sincere with you, the directions are for much longer than they have to be. I do know this as a result of I revised all of them from the rules I used to be given…


The job is fairly easy, however the particulars within the directions might be overwhelming. We included plenty of info so it is obtainable to everybody, although this job is pretty easy with a number of tough components.


**For this process, you’ll take heed to a brief audio recording of an individual speaking. Your aim is:**

1. Make sure the textual content precisely matches the audio precisely
2. If the textual content doesn’t match the audio, appropriate the textual content
three. Choose the standard of the audio


*Photos of those steps and the primary a part of the directions are right here: https://imgur.com/a/FUJEP*


Appears fairly straightforward, proper? There are some things that you will want to know when reviewing the directions:

* What’s **directed speech**?
* What are **“tags”**?
* What are **high quality classes**?


*Since I am right here and I such as you guys, I am going to allow you to out…*

**Directed speech** is one thing the individual meant to say into the telephone. Not random audio rubbish the telephone unintentionally recorded as a result of the app was triggered.

**Tags** are inserted into the textual content (like proven within the photos above) the place there is a matter with the audio that may’t be corrected with textual content.

The **high quality classes** are used to point if there have been any points within the recording. They ranked by significance – the quantity (x) at first of the outline is the rating.


**Spammers and non-native writers/audio system that can’t do that**, I do know you will get into this job. We see a few of our most prolific spammers on this job already, so we will be retaining a really shut eye on high quality and banning/blocking folks as wanted. If that occurs you in all probability aren’t going to be paid.


If that is your first undertaking on DefinedCrowd/Neevo, you’ll need to validate your PayPal account after you click on on the job hyperlink. This course of confirms everybody that participates shall be paid for his or her work!


**Every process is price $zero.04 (about $11/hour on common) and there are 1,500,000 duties obtainable ($60,000 for this batch).** Funds shall be despatched after this undertaking is accomplished.


**[START HERE](https://neevo.definedcrowd.com/en-us/job/directions/?jobid=578) – YOU WILL HAVE TO MAKE AN ACCOUNT FIRST!**


Thanks – and let me know in case you have any questions!

### When you’ve completed this earlier than please submit that “proof” under and say different good issues about us. Thanks! And in case you have any recommendation/suggestions for brand spanking new folks, please submit it too!

**UPDATE 5/16: DONE!**

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    I just received a reply from them via email:

    **Me**: Hey there, Jacob. Is there anything happening with you guys? Why aren’t you clarifying the current vanishment of everyone’s tasks?

    **Jacob**: Yeah, we ran into a bug with the banning/blocking process. We’re fixing it and we’ll send an email when everything is fixed!

  2. So I did the job when it first started. I did get payments https://imgur.com/NHI1mlt
    For anyone who is starting now, I would like to say a few things to you. Firstly, get the hang of the job. It is not anything serious but the faster you learn the more money you’ll earn. I started with like 10$/hr. Now I am easily doing 19$/hr. Just pay attention to the instructions and after that everything will be easy. Just make sure do take as much time as you can when doing the qualification test! There is also a fun part on this job, where you get to listen to things like “show me horse porn”, “I’m pickle rick” and stuff like that. One last tip I would like to say is to do the tasks asap because they are not going to be here for long (probably done by Monday). To anyone that is thinking that this is not real or it is a waste of time, I can promise you that it is very easy once you get the hang of it and you can really earn quick cash if you invest some time now that the weekend is coming up.

  3. Let me ask the question again:
    If I hit like 70% in 500 or 1000 tasks, and get blocked, will I get paid?

    Jacob, please answer this question. Thanks

    I think it’s fair to be blocked by hitting 700 out of 1000, but I think it is very unfair not to pay, since it is impossible for a macro to hit this rate, and the time invested by each user was high.

    The quality of the evaluators should be tested BEFORE the start of the job. Due to the macros, people who are giving their best, and performed the tests may not be paid for suspected fraud.

  4. I’m slightly nervous about getting kicked out of this one. I have been very careful but I have failed a bit of test questions (some that I feel I got right, others I was very unsure).

    I’m probably sitting at around 6-8 wrong and around 50-60 correct. I wonder where I sit on the curve. I’d guess I’m around 80-85% accuracy. (1200 tasks completed)

    How is everyone else doing?

    Update: Got my last 20 or so correct. Sometimes you just get unlucky I guess.

    Update 2: Heading to bed with 2300 tasks. Only ended up failing one in that 1100.

  5. > If you’ve done this before please post that “proof” below

    [I can confirm that DefinedCrowd pays.](https://imgur.com/mEXjWyb) I’ve been paid for jobs done a while ago as well.

    > and say other good things about us.

    Made me lul.

    The work is pretty boring, but it’s definitely easy and the pay rate is pretty accurate (depending on your ability, ofc). Jacob is always receptive to advice and answers questions quickly. Definitely one of the better companies for online work. Just wish there was work to do more often.

  6. Jacob I found a problem. I won’t be on the PC for a day and I want to do tasks from the phone. When I try to correct the audio two things happen: when I try to erase the text it won’t erase it just keeps being “retyped” sort of. Also when I try to type something and I press space my text is erased.

  7. got 45 usd working for those guys, they’re pretty much better for international users, if you have some free time why don’t you spend it making a little bit of money?(if you want), better than nothing <3

  8. I did 500 +- tasks and i was removed from the project. I answered my best and asked a few wrong questions. Will I get paid for what I did? I did not use a macro or disregarded any of the rules. I just went below the score. I hope to get paid, because I spent a lot of time on the project, and I’m sure I was not so bad

  9. Hey Jacob or anyone else who is behind this project – I told my mother about it this morning and she was having a fun time working on the tasks and doing them very carefully. She spent several hours on it and got up to about 1700 before it gave her a message to grab coffee and when she logged into her dashboard it said that she had only done 200 tasks and she was devastated. She was getting almost all of her test questions correct and she asked for clarification for rules from me who has done over 3k and from what I can tell she was doing everything right unless I didn’t notice a big mistake. To be honest, I’m starting to get worried that I’m not going to be paid for my work either.

    I understand if she got blocked for doing something wrong, but I really doubt her performance was bad enough to get her tasks taken away and deny her payment. Is there any way this can be looked into? She has no idea what reddit is which is why I’m posting for her.

    Thanks a lot for posting this project and the clarity in the comments on reddit. I’ve been having a lot of fun with this one.

  10. My router broke last night, so the only internet I have is through my iPhone now. So today, I have been completing tasks on my iPhone. It’s almost faster than on my laptop, actually. I didn’t even realize that was an option before now.

  11. So, after I completed 900+ tasks, thoroughly listening and googling for precision…I get the no more tasks message and my dashboard says I completed only 266 task!

    Is that fair? I just got slapped on the face.

  12. These people tend to be like this, they eliminate people who are doing their work, you have some mistakes along the way, but they can eliminate their full work simply because they feel like it, they have done this in previous works, from my point of view they do not know what they do or have a very bad surveillance system. I do not recommend working with them they are very unfair.

  13. I’m absolutely devastated. I had over 5000 last night and woke up to only 1100. I took time off of work, because i was making more money doing this work, so that’s absolutely unacceptable. Having followed instructions, answering correct test questions back to back, and grinding out thousands of audio clips for seemingly nothing now. This is ridiculous. This is reddit, this HAS to get fixed.

  14. Wait, I’m listed as “fluent” in English and did about 200 of these tasks (got only 1 test wrong). Will I not get paid since it’s for native speakers only? WAS I PLAYED FOR A FOOL?

  15. They had a chance to fix the issues (like macros) during the 600k project, and they did not. Lack of responsibility of a company of this size. They are humiliating several workers who have done everything according to the rules and are being eliminated or losing much of their job. I think they hired a person to create an anti-macro, and that system bugged. Do they have backup saved? Lets see.. I do not advise anyone to keep doing until we get an answer from Jacob, since you can lose all your service. RIP Neevo? I hope they increase the rate of money per hour, then we get a compensation for this problem.

  16. I have a question about a task. If it says “open o k cupid” are we supposed to leave it as “o k cupid”, or change it to “okcupid”?


    ~~Edit: Also, when it says “set an alarm for seven a m” is it supposed to be “a m” or “am”? The instructions say to write “am” but I just got a test wrong for changing “a m” to “am”.~~ – Instructions were updated.

    ~~Edit 2: Another thing, what do we mark if there isn’t any words at all? Such as someone burping or just a beep?~~ Somehow I just missed this. Perhaps it’d be good to make a note down under the “quality of audio recordings” section as well.

  17. you don’t get paid for ‘text audio correction’ under the work tab right? it states ‘0.04 c/hour’ but when you do them, it says this is an unpaid test questions to line you up for better jobs or something along those lines. Am i supposed to just do these and wait for an actual task/job to come up?

  18. anyone else have problems correcting text, the field is really bad

    it just highlights letters and replaces them I end up just deleting the entire field and writing it in

    EDIT: genre seems like the hardest word in the world to pronounce

  19. I know 4 languages and had to remind myself that this task is in English, lol, anyway just remember the guidelines for those who are about to start this project and you’re good to go. I earned a couple of bucks when I started working on this project and that was just a couple of days work 3-4 days tops.

  20. I was invited to this project but I’m not able to complete a lot of tasks at this time. I’ve made well over 250$ from the previous one and it was the easiest money I’ve made online. Thanks a lot to Jacob and his team for such an opportunity like this. I hope it wouldn’t end too early so I can participate as well.

    Will there be more of this coming Jacob?

  21. So is there no grace period to get test percentages up? I only missed 2, possibly 3, but got the majority of the test questions right. I did 131 last night and was going to a bunch more this morning but now it’s saying it’s closed so I assume I got blocked.

    Would I be correct in assuming if you were new, got one test question right, then missed the next, making your percentage 50% for those two, you’d immediately be booted?

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