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Merchandiser is an app that offers you assignments at native shops close to you. With easy duties you go round and take photos of regardless of the task specifies and fill out a number of questions. (These often take about 20 minutes however you receives a commission $5)

For those who get good at it, you may get assigned particular duties that require a fairly bit extra work however the payout makes up for it (I’ve seen assignments that pay as much as $25 , however take as much as 2 hours.). That is my favourite strategy to earn cash moreover my half time job and I hope a few of you’ll suppose the identical!

Join down right here, I might actually admire the referral!

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  1. I’ve done a few jobs for Merchandiser the past month and I have mixed reviews. There are jobs that pop up in the area and they’ll text you sometimes to do a “quick” job for 7 dollars to be claimed and completed in 4 hours. I did a bigger job for them and they didn’t pay me for it, it was scanning barcodes on endcaps at a grocery store and taking pictures. Some of the barcodes didn’t scan but majority did. I’ve talked w them and explained what happened but never got paid for that job. It’s not a get rich job, and you can make some money. You’re likely to spend more time than they say on jobs w taking pictures and having to move around customers. There are some jobs that they hire for say 15 dollars an hour for 8 hours that you have to commit to all 8 hours if they’re doing a store reset or something.

    I’d say check it out but you have to balance like is it worth it to drive this far or spend this much time for a 7 dollar job. And they are very strict about photos, you can’t just run in and out, you will definitely be spending time on jobs so don’t think you can half ass them.

  2. It was already posted here a few weeks ago, and I’ve recently started using it. I requested my first job 1-2 days ago, but still have not been approved. How long does it usually take to get approved?

  3. What kind of info do they require from you to join and what are the specifics of the “assignment” or photos? I’m not seeing a lot of info on the website to decide before I just create an account

  4. Hey I’ve been using this for the past month! It’s pretty easy when stores are close to me but I wouldn’t drive more than a couple miles to make $5. However today I did drive to five stores and made $30, only because I had nothing else to do haha. I have a referral code too that someone could use: tramtZMJR 🙂

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