Quick question, what’s your ideal beermoney job?

Launch date: Learn beneath (Directions beneath & app hyperlink TBA)

Whereas I am unable to spill the beans till I speak to mods about posting right here in regards to the beer cash job. I do need to discover out what could be the very best/honest approach to create a person expertise for these micro jobs. Unique for Redditors. I will be open to requested open discussions so that everybody can voice opinions and ideas. I’ve checked the place it will be most applicable and it appears right here however the mods and also you (when submit is up) would be the judges of that.

It is not a: survey, referral, cc gated, video watch or one thing that makes you wait/obtain.

It will be on-line, no due instances, do as you please and following easy guidelines.

Any questions? Ask beneath.

About me, Full Stack Dev + Designer working alone private tasks. This might be a smaller venture I am presently testing. The one enjoyable I’ve is programming, designing, & researching in order that leaves monetary progress for me. I am presently researching a approach to correctly and successfully finish site visitors congestion in LA. You probably have questions on that PM me.

So what could be your ideally suited beer cash job?

Extra: What do you dislike about different beer cash jobs? (even those that do pay)


Replace: Giving Reddit Gold out. Thanks all for collaborating as all of the suggestions helps form a good effort/pay ratio. Will likely be PM those that requested, posting hyperlink right here & creating a further submit after mod approval by Friday or begin of Weekend. If you do not have time to take part I am going to even be having future phases & testing.

There might be an directions web page posted earlier than hyperlink.

1x Being first (reddit message checklist order)

2x Chosen (studying feedback)

3x Random (utilizing miniwebtool random picked to not use my very own instruments)

Extra Reddit gold after testing is accomplished.

Coming Quickly (Finish of Friday or Saturday Morning)

Hyperlink 1 (Directions): https://paper.dropbox.com/doc/current/ihiQ4onbaBzHoQjpgdzQm

Hyperlink 2 (when sufficient folks reply, I am going to PM & Publish): (Internet App Hyperlink)

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  1. With surveys, have nice easily clicked buttons, I’ve lost count how many times I thought I’d clicked the required things on a page only for it to say I’d missed something that needed me to see where it was (in the middle of 50 options or so!).

    Also progress bars are great so you can see how close to the goal you are. It gives great motivation to go on and complete the survey, whereas ones that don’t, sometimes you feel like it won’t ever end and get tempted to quit half way through.

    EDIT: Thanks for the gold, my first one!

    Also I’d be interested in any potential site you may be creating, assuming it’s available to users in the UK.

  2. I did a HIT once that was basically taking students written grades and inputting them into a digital form. The pay was decent, $2.00 for 20 mins of work and it had an option to continue past 20 mins for additional pay if desired. It was my favorite HIT to date. Because, I felt like I was actually working on something useful for the requestor.

    I know not every one like data entry work, so YMMV, but this was no receipt entry BS. If something like that was set up as batch work, paid a liveable wage and could be of real use to a requestor I would do them all day.

  3. I’m pretty happy with what is already out there – just more of the same works for me. Although I am a bit of a sucker for goals – Swagbucks ropes me in pretty thoroughly in that respect, even though it is one of the poorer paying sites I partake in.

    I am also quite partial to means which are actually fun. Such as Cash Show (although that isn’t exactly a beer money site for me considering I have only made 8c in it due to being a moron when it comes to trivia). I just pay it for fun. Something fun like that, which can also be profitable for incompetents like me, would be awesome.

    I am very intrigued in what you are talking about though – new can be good and far better than anything I could conceive. I’d love it if you could PM me a link.

  4. Echoing others on pay: $0.10/minute is adequate for shorter tasks, but I don’t go for longer ones unless they pay more. I can spare five minutes here and five minutes there no problem, but asking me to block out a solid hour from my daily schedule for six bucks just isn’t worth it.

    Aside from that, I’d say my #1 pet peeve with beermoney-type sites is that they so rampantly allow bad actors a platform, or are bad actors themselves; so, conversely, my ideal beermoney job/site would be one that guarantees, as much as possible, that I will actually be paid for my time and/or personal data. It would go a *hell* of a long way for me if I could report, say, a bullshit survey disqualification (after answering 18 pages of questions, of course) and get a response along the lines of “we’re sorry for your experience, we will keep an eye on this provider to make sure they are not abusing workers’ goodwill, and hey, here’s the 25 cents they were supposed to pay you as a sign of our actually having a stake in any of this shit.”

  5. I think prolific has it pretty spot on. The pay makes it worth your time and the surveys are interesting.

    Other sites seem very repetitive and very low paid for what is mind bogglingly boring crap. Answering the same question over and over again for twenty minutes to be paid £1.50.

  6. I’ve really been enjoying the work DefinedCrowd has. Low stress, simple tasks that are fast and easy to complete but add up quickly and don’t have more arbitrary rules than the pay justifies. I also want flexibility in what device I can work from so I can work from different places. It’s frustrating when some jobs require you to only use a certain browser or operating system in this day and age.

  7. Some sort of passive element could be good. Nothing that pays a lot but say dynamic ads on the main site that change regularly and let you build up a small passive amount of earnings just for having the page open and giving the ads somewhere to sit. Probably only paying out 0.05-0.10 an hour but a little something extra that doesn’t require any work.

  8. One like the Junk Labelling HitApp on the UHRS platform. You simply look at a page and mark whether it’s junk or not, following the guidelines set by the owner. UHRS is a do-it-when-you-can platform, so there’s no deadlines at all. It’s just not there all the time as the hits deplete rather fast. The only rush is doing it before others unless the work has been allocated to a specific amount of workers.

    It paid $0.02 per hit but you could work through them very quickly so the hourly rate was very nice. I really enjoy this one. It barely shows up anymore though and when it does, the available hits are low.

  9. My ideal beer money job *is* surveys. Specifically, surveys about interesting topics (ideally I could tell a site what topics I *was* interested in, and it would only send me those), surveys that don’t waste my time with BS, giant tables of bubbles, asking me to imagine brands are human, surveys that don’t ever ask questions for 5 minutes and then screen me out with no pay. So basically, no survey site out there right now, but still. I like providing my opinion, when I actually *get* to provide my opinion and when I care at all about the thing I’m being asked about, and assuming I’m not jerked around or paid peanuts for it.

  10. I really like a lot of the DefinedCrowd work. It’s simple, but not necessarily mind-numbing, but I can sit and do it while lounging on the couch with something on the TV. Especially the ones that don’t have an audio aspect, so you don’t need headphones or anything.

  11. I prefer something that I can do while multitasking, unless the pay is good enough for my full attention.

    I would not install an app on my mobile device or computer due to privacy concerns, so my preference would be to access everything from a web browser.

    Too much on-screen text reading hurts my eyes after awhile, so I guess I would prefer an assignment that doesn’t require reading for something like 15 minutes just to answer a few questions, then 15 more minutes reading, etc.

    I personally like monitoring or evaluation assignments, or anything I can do while I listen to music, podcast, audiobooks, etc.

    I would like to hear more about this BM job, so please feel free to DM me with more details when ready.

    EDIT: Wow, Thank you for the gold!

  12. Clear, concise instructions.

    Optional to type in why we picked certain things. (Not required, but if it’s a question that’s subjective, I prefer to put down why I chose a reason as opposed to being denied because how I thought out my answer isn’t *exactly* the right answer. That way the task giver can adjust adequately to get the response they want)

    Pay has been covered. A big thing I hope doesn’t happen; but sadly does; is as more people do the task, the pay gets lower. I feel if a requester is getting too large of a pool to QA, and lowers the pay because they are spending time rejecting the task to reupload it, then they should start picking the best people to do the task. IE: only allowing certain people to do the task, while also paying them more because they are taking time to do just your tasks.

    Also if the task requires QA — pick people to do that portion too!

    I’m certainly interested. 🙂

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