Uffie – Drugs [synthpop] (2018) her first single since 2011!

Uffie – Medicine [synthpop] (2018) her first single since 2011!


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  1. Huge fan even after all these years. Only one minor hiccup when I finally saw her live for the first time; performance at Tomorrowland. Still confused about that, years later. Probably wrong place and all…

    Love her tracks, her voice and kind of ‘mystery’ that surrounded her in the blog hause era. Curious to see where this goes, hope it’s not only nostalgia that fuels it all.

  2. Ah man haven’t thought about Uffie in a minute. The pop girl that was cool before Keisha ripped her off. Pop the glock, poppin bottles I mean come on. Anyways I think I like this even better honestly. Although it feels like it ended early and they could have made it into a 7 minute banger because the beat just came in just at the end.

  3. Yeah, but, what about her Myspace. How am I supposed to judge her without knowing she’s successful on Myspace?

    Jokes aside, I’m really digging this. Obviously she’s grown up a lot and a lot has changed in that time. We’re also just getting a small sample here, I’m sure she’s going to keep some of her hip hop sounds flowing. I’m happy to hear some new stuff, thanks op, I honestly thought she was just… Gone.

  4. Fuck yeah, <3 Uffie. I heard she was going to release more stuff but it was kind of sketch if it would actually happen. I’ve been on an Ed Banger kick recently, was playing A Cross The Universe On my way to work this morning.

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