Microsoft Rewards is removing PayPal as a rewards option

Simply checked my rewards account and it appears Microsoft is ending the $5 PayPal reward choice. The reward will finish on 5/23/2018 ([image](

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  1. My friend got this reward option after I had her try the program. Apparently, from what customer support told me after I asked them why I didn’t have the PayPal option with a 4 yr old account was because the reward option is only given to a small percentage of microsoft reward users.

  2. There’s still Walmart and Target. And /r/giftcardexchange will help you convert that to PayPal cash (for a price, of course).

    I took the survey on their rewards dashboard and told them to please keep PayPal. Everyone do the same and maybe they’ll listen!

    Also, we don’t know for sure that they’re getting rid of PayPal cash out in all forms. Maybe they’re removing the $5 reward but just raising the minimum for PayPal to $25 or something like that to make things less expensive for them?

  3. Meh. Points conversion made it a better deal to cashout to just about anything else. But thanks for the heads up, I’m sure there are plenty of folks out there who have too many giftcards and yearn for sweet paypal cash.

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