[TWIB] Episode 2: This Week in CRYPTOMANIA | Michael Sheng, Co-Founder of EarnHoney.com AMA & Episode Discussion

# This Week in Beermoney: This Week in CRYPTOMANIA

**Missed final week’s episode? You possibly can [watch it HERE!](https://youtu.be/UdUqfB_XD-Four)**

# [Watch the Episode on Youtube HERE!](https://youtu.be/-oXYRhBHgoQ)

## On The Present: KJ (/u/Fishering), Brian (/u/TheMightyOx), and Michael Sheng of Earn Honey!

This week is our first present with a visitor becoming a member of us dwell! Come be part of us as we discuss with Michael about present occasions in Beermoney! We’ll be speaking about Earnhoney & its involvement with cryptocurrency, and nearly all the things you may be questioning in regards to the new OPTin Tokens that Earnhoney has just lately made the change to utilizing!

### **Do you have got a query for Michael Sheng? Remark beneath and he may reply your questions throughout this week’s episode!**

**REMINDER: No matter your opinions on Earnhoney, that is an AMA and it’s best to deal with all folks concerned with the best stage of respect doable. Thanks!**

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  1. so here are some of my questions as i sent to you regarding earnhoney

    1) why was discovery media removed and when will it be back?

    2) are you planning to do something regarding the video bans? if the bans are done by the advertiser, it’s clearly happening much more than in other sites. bans happen even if you don’t use the service. your main competitor’s advertisers seem to do fine in my case

    3) When you are going to fix the main android app? Last year you said early next year, and we are half way through the year

    4) Why did you announce the optin tokens before it was ready? The website you link couldn’t be viewed when i tried (password protected). Why mention something when you don’t even know which exchange will support it?

    5) can you actually disclose the information regarding device limits? i couldn’t find this info on the site, had to look it up on other sites that offer videoloyalty for example. Is it 3 devices?

    6) can you give out your version of the lawsuit by adscend media? your defense on the website was rather poor “companies get sued all the time” which leads me to believe dogood media is actually at fault here. however since i tend to be fair, please give out as much details as you are allowed to.

  2. You guys did really good for week one! Apart from a few hiccups, but that’s typical for live streaming.

    And this is some serious beer$ star power for week two! Earnhoney is by far my favorite site. I love their aggressive and risk/reward style venturing that they take. Roku, DM, OPTin etc. With Michael Sheng being behind it all. But I’m curious about his past. I read somewhere that he’s from Asia?? Not sure. And that he had very successful oversight over regional Burger Kings in South East Asia. Maybe you guys could dig a little deeper into his past achievements followed by what inspired him to leave his successful background and come to America and co-found Earnhoney.

  3. well i’m glad i got some of my questions in (btw /u/fishering , why can’t you pronounce F-J <ef jay> , your name is K-J lol).

    1)They admitted DM was taken out due to the massive bans.

    2) Yes the bans on buzz tv are higher than in competitor sites. His reply suggesting me “dial it down” is simply inaccurate. I can’t even use earnhoney from home, my ip is permanently banned from the videos, and i haven’t even watched them home. At work i used DM and buzz tv, 2 or 3 times a WEEK, about 4 hours each day.

    3) wasn’t asked, but i was perplexed to see they want to copy viggle / perk tv live. (btw i don’t know why you can’t use viggle, it can earn me up to 6 dollars a day)

    5) The device limit is said to be 3, at least earnably thinks so with videoloyalty https://help.earnably.com/article/142-videoloyalty-device-limits

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