Someone Found This Unusual Rock And Posted On Internet, Began One Of The Funniest Photoshop Battles Ever

A Photoshop battle might be the most secure battle you will get it and it’s normally hilarious.

A number of days in the past an image of an uncommon rock formation sparked a hilarious battle on Reddit. A bunch of skillful and inventive customers took upon themselves a problem of making some distinctive, enjoyable and authentic scenes. And that’s how tons of popular culture characters received a “stone face” makeover.

Check out a few of the greatest photos that we gathered from the Reddit thread and vote for the perfect!

Extra data:

The unique picture that sparked the battle

One thing’s unsuitable with Leonardo

Picture credit: ILL_DO_THE_FINGERING

ET rock in basket

Picture credit: RexLeou


Picture credit: CynicScenic


Picture credit: RexLeou

Stone Hit Face

Picture credit: kol4o100

My Treasured

Picture credit: faultytailight

Couldn’t get this out of my head

Picture credit: ptbrowne3

“It’s pronounced I-gor”

Picture credit: PunchDrinkLove

Kinda jogged my memory of Sloth from the Goonies

Picture credit: SaltyGayBoi

Look into my eyes!

Picture credit: community-stalker

Will got here again a bit completely different from the the other way up

Picture credit: dudeAwEsome101

The land earlier than time

Picture credit: Hemicore

Odd-looking worm

Picture credit: DshadoW10


Picture credit: EchoSolo


Picture credit: Dognamedpeepee

You both die a hero, otherwise you reside lengthy sufficient to see your self grow to be the rock

Picture credit: RexLeou


Picture credit: Blindspot166

One more bold crossover

Picture credit: gioazzi

PVZ – They’re Coming!

Picture credit: staticthreat

What are you doing in my swamp?!

Picture credit: Ringo93


Picture credit: Camel-Walk

Rock Face French Lady

Picture credit: MgnificntlyDesolated


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