Lulu Gets Fired From CIA Because She Would Rather Play Than Sniff Bombs

They are saying everybody has their calling, and Lulu the pup proves that it additionally applies to canine. The CIA has launched a “pupdate” that it needed to make the powerful determination to drop the 18-month-old labrador from their bomb-sniffing program. The rationale? Seems, Lulu simply… wasn’t into it.

“We’re unhappy to announce that just a few weeks into coaching, Lulu started to indicate indicators that she wasn’t excited about detecting explosive odors,” the CIA wrote. “Generally a pup is bored and desires extra playtime, generally they want somewhat break, or it’s a minor medical situation a like a meals allergy. However for some canine, like Lulu, it turns into clear that the problem isn’t short-term. As a substitute, this simply isn’t the job they’re meant for.”

“When a pup is eliminated or retires from our K9 program, the handler & their household is given the prospect to undertake them and plenty of do.” This was additionally the case for the pacifist labrador who couldn’t give a tail wag for serving its nation. Lulu was adopted by her handler and is now having fun with her days taking part in along with his children or sniffing out rabbits and squirrels within the yard. “We’ll miss Lulu, however this was the suitable determination for her,” the CIA concluded.

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The CIA has launched a “pupdate” that it needed to make a tricky determination

Individuals have been fast to congratulate Lulu on leaving the CIA

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