Atemporart: Matching Contemporary And Antique Poses As Proof That Some Things Are Timeless

I´m a mexican designer who as soon as noticed trend and artwork poses haven´t change a lot in centuries, so to show it, I spent hours and hours discovering the identical poses on very diferent timelapses that may create thes new potraits nameing it atemporart.

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Mixture of La Maja desnuda [The Nude Maja] | Francisco Goya | 1797-1800 and film of Kate Winslet by Craig McDean for St.John’s Marketing campaign, Spring 2012

Math of Portrait of the Princess de Broglie | Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres | 1853 + Shrink to Match by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia, April 2010

Mona Lisa | Leonardo da Vinci | 1503 • 📷 Freja Beha Erichsen by Steven Meisel for Prada Fall/Winter 2013-2014 Marketing campaign

Lady with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer on 1665 + Boucles façon Hollywood, GHD Rankin

The Sign by John William Godward 1899 + Alexa Chung for Longchamp Spring 2015

Giovanni Boldini, Portrait of Elizabeth Drexel Lehr, 1905 + Vogue Japan October 2011 Giampaolo Sgura CRYSTAL RENN

Tranquillity by John William Godward | 1914 + Damaris Goddrie by Jean-Baptiste Mondino for numéro #166 september 2015

The Spider by Nikolaos Gyzis | 1884 + Martha Streck for V Journal | September 2013

Grande Odalisque | Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres | 1814 + Drew Barrymore by Daniel Jackson for Elle Canada | 2014

Younger Woman in a Boat |James Tissot| 1870 and the image of Cara Delevinge by Alasdair McLellan for Vogue Journal UK, January 2014

Woman with an Ermine | Leonardo da Vinci | 1489-1490 + Gigi Hadid by Kristen Henning for Stuart Weitzman’s Fall Winter 2016 Marketing campaign

Self Portrait with a Straw Hat | Van Gogh | 1887 + Chris Pine for Giorgio Armani

Whistler’s Mom | James Abbott McNeill Whistler | 1871 + Karlie Kloss for Topshop Spring 2016

The Lovers II | Rene Magritte | 1928 + First Kiss by Titia Pilieva | 2014 Trend movie of strangers kissing for the primary time, they didn’t know who they had been kissing till they turned up

Self Portrait with a Straw Hat | Van Gogh | 1887 + Chris Pine for Giorgio Armani

Girl Combing her Hair | Edgar Degas | 1888-1890 + Alicia Vikander by Mario Testino for Vainness Honest 2016

Nude with Summary Portray by Roy Lichtenstein 1994 + Ana Beatriz Barros by Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue Nippon October 2010

Der Schrei der Natur [The scream ] | Edvard Munch | 1893 foto of Cameo the Label’s Grand Nationwide Marketing campaign

Las tres gracias by Joseph Felon ca.1850 + Georgia Might Jagger, Cara Delevingne, Suki Waterhouse by Mario Testino for Vogue UK April 2015

Nascita di Venere [ The Birth of Venus ] Sandro Botticelli 1484-1486 and Nicole Harrison for Agent Provocateur, 2015

Good match of Autum by Jean Denis Atonie Caucannier + Gisele Bündchen by Giampaolo Sgura for Vouge Brazil December 2013

Bóreas by John Williams Waterhouse, 1903 + Cameron Russell by Benny Hornr cor Vogue Australia, February 2013

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Artists Re-imagine Every Letter In The Alphabet As A Tribute To The Most Famous Modern & Contemporary Artists

A number of days in the past Cess, a younger studio positioned in Madrid targeted on 3d work, launched ‘The Artphabet’ for his or her ’36 days of kind’ venture.

This assortment is a tribute to essentially the most well-known fashionable and up to date artists in a type of an alphabet. Every letter represents totally different iconic artist specializing in considered one of their most well-known artistic endeavors. For instance, the soup can by Andy Warhol for the letter ‘A’ or a brick wall with the enduring Balloon Lady graffiti by Banksy for the letter ‘B’.

Scroll down to take a look at the artsiest alphabet ever.

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Andy Warhol



Damien Hirst


Frida Kahlo


Keith Haring

Robert Indiana

Jeff Koons




Jackson Pollock




René Magritte

Salvador Dalí

Takashi Murakami


Van Gogh



Yayoi Kusama


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