35 STAR WARS References and Easter Eggs in SOLO

Warning: Spoilers observe for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Soar into hyperspace and away from this web page for those who haven’t seen the film but.

Solo: A Star Wars Story goes deep into the Star Wars universe. Writers Lawrence Kasdan and Jon Kasdan included dozens of references, Easter eggs, and callbacks from canonical tales and Legends into the movie about Han Solo’s early years. They linked the standalone film to characters from different tales, areas, video video games, and extra. After two viewings, I caught over 40 connections to the remainder of the Star Wars galaxy:


Lando references dealing with some enterprise for Dryden Vos on Felucia. The planet appeared in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and on the finish of Revenge of the Sith; it’s the place the Jedi Aayla Secura was killed after Palpatine enacted Order 66.


Enfys Nest’s Cloud-Riders are named after a Legends swoop gang that appeared in Star Wars comics printed within the late ’70s.

Teräs Käsi

Qi’ra mentions studying Teräs Käsi from Dryden Vos; the fight self-discipline was launched within the Legends title Shadows of the Empire and highlighted in a PlayStation combating recreation known as Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi.

Aurra Sing

Beckett may need been liable for the dying of Aurra Sing. You’ll be able to see the bounty hunter within the stands watching the Boonta Eve Podrace in The Phantom Menace, within the Darth Maul comic, and in The Clone Wars.

Glee Anselm

Beckett’s homeworld is Glee Anselm; it’s house to Nautolans comparable to Package Fisto and was seen through hologram in The Clone Wars.


Darth Maul tells Qi’ra to come back to Dathomir. It’s his house and the place we first meet the Nightsisters in season three of Clone Wars.

Darth Maul

Then there’s Darth Maul himself. The intimidating former Sith Lord and present crime boss has roots in Episode I; his story continued in The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. Study extra about his history.

Tubes and Weazel

One of many Cloud-Riders in Enfys’ gang is likely one of the Two Tubes brothers seen in Noticed Gerrera’s partisan group in Rogue One. The Cloud-Rider performed by Warwick Davis (who has performed a number of roles within the Star Wars universe, together with the Ewok Wicket) is Weazel, an arms vendor and gambler proven on Tatooine in The Phantom Menace.

Pyke Syndicate

The Kessel spice mines are operated by the Pyke Syndicate, an underworld group canonized in The Clone Wars. They have been a part of Maul’s Shadow Collective (extra on that here) and likewise liable for killing Sifo-Dyas, the identify the Kaminoans give in Assault of the Clones for the one that ordered the creation of the clone military.

Sharu, Oseon, StarCave Nebula

Whereas Han and Beckett work on the Kessel heist, Lando stays aboard the Millennium Falcon to document the Lando Calrissian Chronicles, tales about his adventures. He mentions Sharu, which is a nod to the title of The Lando Calrissian Adventures Legends e book Lando Calrissian and the Mindharp of Sharu. Mentions of Oseon and the StarCave Nebula are additionally references to this book trilogy.


Beckett teases Val about studying to play the valachord, the musical instrument she’s named after. Snap Wexley, a.okay.a. Greg Grunberg’s character in The Pressure Awakens, performed the instrument within the Aftermath books.

Chewbacca ripping arms off

Chewbacca rips a guard’s arms off on Kessel. In A New Hope, Han teased R2-D2 that Wookiees rip arms off after they lose, however that is the primary time we’ve seen it occur (although The Pressure Awakens novelization had Chewbacca tearing limbs at Maz Kanata’s fort).

Colo claw fish

When Han goes to Dryden’s ship at hand over the coaxium, the crime boss presents a claw fish snack. The creature is the big fish we noticed assault Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan on Naboo in The Phantom Menace.

The Maw

The swirling hazard surrounding Kessel in Solo is The Maw. The identify is pulled from Legends, particularly from The Jedi Academy trilogy.


Woman Proxima’s scrumrats on Corellia discuss getting parts in trade for his or her discoveries, which is paying homage to how Rey received parts from Unkar Plutt as fee for scavenged materials on Jakku in The Pressure Awakens.

“Transfer alongside”

Stormtroopers at Corellia’s spaceport inform folks, “Transfer alongside,” similar to the stormtroopers in Mos Eisley in Episode IV.

Coronet Metropolis

Han and Qi’ra head to Coronet Metropolis to get off the planet. The foremost Corellian metropolis appeared repeatedly in Legends, in sequence comparable to Legacy of the Pressure and in canonical novels like Aftermath.

Music Ties

John Williams composed a single monitor for Solo, however composer John Powell pulled from Williams’ established library for the soundtrack, together with motifs from “The Imperial March” and “Asteroid Discipline.”


Han flunks out of the Imperial Naval Academy on Carida in Solo. In Legends titles, the planet was house to a serious army coaching institution.


When Han’s kicked out of the Academy, he turns into a part of the infantry on Mimban. Mimban’s historical past goes again to 1978 to the Legends title Splinter of the Thoughts’s Eye, one of many first Star Wars books ever printed. In canon, the Mud Jumpers of the 224th on Mimban acquired a call-out in The Clone Wars.

AV-21 landspeeder

Han stole an AV-21 landspeeder throughout his youth, and for those who performed Star Wars Galaxies within the early 2000s, you would possibly bear in mind how laborious it was to accumulate the uncommon automobile within the recreation.


Whenever you hear “moof-milker” in Solo, it ought to sound acquainted due to this line in The Pressure Awakens: “Some moof-milker put in a compressor on the ignition line!”

Bossk and the Xan sisters

Val is aggravated with Beckett for bringing in amateurs for the Conveyex job and laments not calling Bossk or the Xan sisters. Bossk is the Trandoshan bounty hunter first seen in The Empire Strikes Again and later in The Clone Wars. Xan sisters is probably going a reference to Legends’ Zan Pike of the Pike sisters; they have been criminals employed by Black Solar in Shadows of the Empire.

Viper droid

Viper probe droids take out Val, and we’ve seen them earlier than in a wide range of settings, most notably on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Again.


The identify Scarif comes up when Han and Beckett are attempting to promote their coaxium plan to Vos. It’s the place a small group of rebels stole the Demise Star plans in Rogue One.

Black Spire and Dok-Ondar

L3-37 mentions Lando couldn’t get to Black Spire with out her, and Qi’ra feedback on ensuring Dok-Ondar, a visitor of Dryden’s, is taken care of. Each are references to the upcoming Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge areas at Disney Parks; Black Spire’s the identify of the village and Dok-Ondar is an Ithorian collector who could have a task in Galaxy’s Edge.

Si’Klaata Cluster

The path to Kessel consists of the Si’Klaata Cluster. The star cluster was created for a Legends information printed by West Finish Video games within the ’90s, Galaxy Information 12: Aliens – Enemies and Allies.

Beckett’s Disguise

Beckett wears a disguise on Kessel, and it’s the identical outfit worn by Lando when he infiltrated Jabba’s palace in Return of the Jedi.

Tatooine Gangster

Talking of Jabba, Beckett talks about departing Savareen for one more job arrange by a bigshot Tatooine gangster. He’s referring to Jabba the Hutt.

A Roast

Rio Durant mentions a mynock roast; mynocks are the creatures that latched onto the Falcon whereas they have been contained in the house slug in Empire Strikes Again.

Crystal cranium and Mandalorian armor

Dryden Vos’ workplace on his yacht is filled with treasures and artifacts. Amongst them is a set of Mandalorian armor and a crystal cranium. The cranium is a nod to Xim the Despot from the Legend novel, Han Solo and the Misplaced Legacy.


Han wins the Falcon from Lando in a recreation of sabacc. The cardboard recreation was launched in Lando Calrissian and the Mindharp of Sharu and has since been referenced many instances in Legends and in canon.

“I do know”

After their misadventures, Lando says to Han, “I hate you.” Han replies, “I do know.” It’s a play on his notorious I like you/I do know scene with Leia in Empire.

Mining colonies

When discussing Kessel, Lando feedback, “Mining colonies are the worst.” He goes on to function an administrator of Cloud Metropolis, a Tibanna gasoline mining colony.

A value

Beckett tells Han about how he doesn’t wish to find yourself with a value on his head, which foreshadows Han’s life. Han leaves the rebels in Empire Strikes Again due to it; he tells Basic Rieekan there’s a value on his head.

That is removed from a whole record. There’s Dejarik, the thermal detonator, the Decraniated, Han being kicked out of the Imperial Academy like he was in Legends, and extra. And different non-Star Wars nods within the movie embrace a tie to Back to the Future and the inclusion of the Golden Idol and the Sankara Stones from the Indiana Jones movies.

Did you discover these references? Did you catch any others? Share them within the feedback.

Photographs: Lucasfilm, Del Rey, Ballantine, LucasArts

Amy Ratcliffe is the Managing Editor for Nerdist. She likes Star Wars just a little. Observe her on Twitter.

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We Want to Wear Selena Gomez's Easter Sunday Dress Every Damn Day of the Week

Selena Gomez stepped out for an Easter church service in a few of her go-to staples. Her cozy Free People cardigan, white Puma sneakers, Jennifer Fisher hoops, and a Coach shoulder bag appear to have reached “important standing” within the songstress’s wardrobe. She wears a lot of these things with workout clothes, however she will simply as simply coordinate them together with her Sunday finest.

Selena’s basis for this vacation event was the Reformation Harbor Dress ($248), which contains a row of buttons down the entrance, flutter sleeves, and a microfloral development that may be simply combined and matched with different easy patterns, like a designer logo bag.

In our eyes, that is the right Spring dress at an affordable price point, particularly when you think about how a lot put on you may get out of it and all of the occasions it would be appropriate for. Forward, catch one other glimpse of Selena’s outfit, then store her precise quantity together with loads of comparable choices, for those who desire to scoop up a couple of reliable piece.


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Guy Wins This Years ‘Easter April Fools’ By Pranking His Girlfriend And Her Facial Expression Says It All

This yr introduced the blissful coincidence of Easter Sunday falling on April 1st, or April Idiot’s Day. So as a substitute of your work colleagues or classmates falling sufferer to your fiendishly ingenious pranks, it was household and vital others’ that had been the goal this time.

Speedflying Scotsman Chris Erwood received into the spirit of each events by presenting his girlfriend Alicia with a superbly disguised prank-egg. With an impressively properly thought-out and properly executed effort, Chris reveals us how, with a helpful step-by-step information, to assemble the egg for “the arachnophobic in your life.” Was it lengthy within the planning? “Not lengthy!” Chris informed Bored Panda. “I’d joked about doing one thing like this some time again however I wasn’t set on it till the center of final week.”

Alicia actually is arachnophobic, and this prank is pure evil genius. “I screamed and dropped them all around the desk and flooring,” she defined. “I do know there are some spiders that I’ve most likely missed choosing up, so it’s solely a matter of time earlier than our cats begin taking part in with them and depositing them within the mattress.”

“It’s the present that retains on giving”

The couple have been collectively for somewhat over three years, and clearly love messing with one another somewhat. Based on Alicia, Chris has a track-record for this sort of factor. “Yearly I fall for a similar spider-themed pranks, I’m really in concern for subsequent April fools day!” She informed us. “How do I am going about getting a vacation banned?!” She admits that regardless of all of it, she does discover it hilarious, and it’s all simply good enjoyable.

Nevertheless we’re certain that revenge is on the playing cards, and Chris has some mad hassle headed his method. “That is most likely the worst one up to now, it was undoubtedly one in all his extra inventive pranks,” Alicia informed Bored Panda. “I have already got a plan to get him again.”

“I’m simply biding my time.”

Scroll down to take a look at the way it all unfolded and tell us what you suppose within the feedback!

That is Chris Erwood, and also you won’t assume simply from taking a look at him, however he’s a grasp prankster


And that is his girlfriend Alicia, who had no thought what Chris had in retailer for her this Easter


“I purchased this egg already in two halves, however you could possibly simply minimize one open with a sizzling knife”

girlfriend-april-fools-easter-egg-speedflychris (2)

“Add goodies. It reduces the variety of spiders you want and it’s a comfort prize”

girlfriend-april-fools-easter-egg-speedflychris (3)

“Oh look, my bag of 200 plastic spiders arrived!”

girlfriend-april-fools-easter-egg-speedflychris (4)

girlfriend-april-fools-easter-egg-speedflychris (5)

“Excellent for the arachnophobic in your life”

girlfriend-april-fools-easter-egg-speedflychris (1)

“All in all, that’s about 100-120 plastic spiders”

girlfriend-april-fools-easter-egg-speedflychris (6)

“You’ll must soften some chocolate to stay the halves collectively”

girlfriend-april-fools-easter-egg-speedflychris (7)

“Finished! As soon as this has cooled you should use a pointy knife to shave down the surplus”

girlfriend-april-fools-easter-egg-speedflychris (8)

“Fastidiously wrapping it within the foil from a donor egg”

girlfriend-april-fools-easter-egg-speedflychris (9)

“The proper disguise”

girlfriend-april-fools-easter-egg-speedflychris (10)

“It labored”

girlfriend-april-fools-easter-egg-speedflychris (11)

“This picture might at some point be proof in a homicide trial when she kills me”

girlfriend-april-fools-easter-egg-speedflychris (12)

“Completely satisfied Easter!”

girlfriend-april-fools-easter-egg-speedflychris (13)

Right here’s how individuals reacted to the prank






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CONAN Gets a Visit From the SPIDER-MAN Easter Bunny

When individuals wait till the final minute, they fall into considered one of two classes: a procrastinator, or a “one who works effectively underneath strain.” Stroll into any school library the day earlier than a time period paper is due and you’ll see nice examples of each varieties. Conan O’Brien falls into the second class. He forgot to have his employees get an Easter Bunny costume to assist have a good time the vacation. Nonetheless desirous to do proper by his viewers, Conan was capable of finding the following smartest thing.

“When unsure, go along with Spider-Man.” That’s recommendation that anybody and everybody ought to be utilizing. In what appears like a mix Easter/April Idiot’s Joke, Spider-Man dressed as an Easter Bunny ran by way of the gang handing out socks (the actor has an egg allergy, as this new model of Spidey’s theme music tells us).

The defining contact needs to be the pink webbed bow tie. When you must make the most of a last-minute Spider-Man costume to fill in for the Easter Bunny, you may as effectively go for broke. Fortunately for each Conan and Spidey, they did issues proper, as they acquired a fantastic overview from “Jesus” himself. So if Spidey has Easter, what about the remainder of the Avengers? Thor or Hulk would make a fantastic Santa, relying what a part of him you needed to deal with. Arbor Day would go to Groot. We are able to’t consider who would get Fourth of July. It’s prefer it’s proper in entrance of our face, however we simply can’t put our finger on it.

So what do you assume? What would your workforce of “Vacation Avengers” appear to be? Let me know on Twitter @donnielederer or pontificate within the feedback beneath.

Pictures: Conan O’Brien

Extra Spider-Man tales:

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21 Easter Eggs In "Black Panther" That Will Make You Want To Watch It 100 More Times

“What are thooooose?!” Uh, Alexander McQueen sandals, truly.

There are loads of visual similarities to The Lion King.

There are a lot of visual similarities to The Lion King.


Twitter: @holaimnesh_

The self-lacing footwear Shuri creates for T’Challa are a reference to the self-lacing footwear in Again to the Future Half II.

The self-lacing shoes Shuri creates for T'Challa are a reference to the self-lacing shoes in Back to the Future Part II.

She even calls BTTF Half II, “that previous American film” T’Chaka used to like watching.

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / Disney / Common

When Shuri screamed, “WHAT ARE THOOOOSE?!” — yeah, that was a reference to this iconic Vine video (and eventual meme):



And it seems these sandals that Shuri makes enjoyable of are literally Alexander McQueen footwear!

And it turns out those sandals that Shuri makes fun of are actually Alexander McQueen shoes!



Additionally, when Shuri calls Everett “one other broken white boy for us to repair” she’s referring to Bucky Barnes.

Also, when Shuri calls Everett "another broken white boy for us to fix" she's referring to Bucky Barnes.

We noticed him (and Captain America) in Wakanda in a post-credit sequence in Civil Warfare.


Younger T’Chaka is definitely played by actor John Kani’s (T’Chaka) actual son Atandwa Kani.

Young T’Chaka is actually played by actor John Kani’s (T'Chaka) real son Atandwa Kani.

Thus explaining the proper likeness!

Disney, Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty

Stan Lee’s credit on this movie was “Thirsty Gambler.”

Stan Lee's credit in this film was "Thirsty Gambler."


Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / Through imdb.com

Ryan Coogler defined that James Bond truly had a fairly robust influence on the movie.

Ryan Coogler explained that James Bond actually had a pretty strong influence on the film.

For instance, Shuri is like Q, the on line casino was harking back to Skyfall’s on line casino, and Everett is the basic buddy CIA operative.

Sony Footage / Disney

T’Challa throwing himself on a grenade is a callback to an identical sequence in Captain America: The First Avenger.

T’Challa throwing himself on a grenade is a callback to a similar sequence in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Should you keep in mind, Steve Rogers carried out an identical selfless act.

Disney / Through ameliajessicawilliamspond.tumblr.com

Shuri’s lab is on “Mount Bashenga,” which is called after the primary Black Panther (from 1000’s of years in the past).

Shuri’s lab is on "Mount Bashenga," which is named after the first Black Panther (from thousands of years ago).

Applicable, no?


T’Challa’s combat with M’Baku came about at daybreak (symbolizing a brand new starting), whereas his combat with Killmonger occurred at sundown (symbolizing his downfall).

T’Challa’s fight with M’Baku took place at dawn (symbolizing a new beginning), while his fight with Killmonger happened at sunset (symbolizing his downfall).

Additionally, Killmonger throwing T'Challa off of a waterfall is straight from the comedian books.


Killmonger says his allies are in London, New York, and Hong Kong…which occur to be the same cities the place Physician Unusual has sanctums.

Killmonger says his allies are in London, New York, and Hong Kong...which happen to be the same cities where Doctor Strange has sanctums.



At one level, Shuri wears her hair in two buns, a nod to fellow Disney princess, Princess Leia’s look in A New Hope.

At one point, Shuri wears her hair in two buns, a nod to fellow Disney princess, Princess Leia's look in A New Hope.

Perhaps Shuri will change into a normal sometime, too?!


When T’Challa, Okoye, and Nakia are within the on line casino, they’re sporting crimson, black, and inexperienced — i.e. the colors of the Pan-African flag.

When T'Challa, Okoye, and Nakia are in the casino, they're wearing red, black, and green — i.e. the colors of the Pan-African flag.

Just a few refined brilliance.


Donald Glover is mentioned in the end credits as a result of he gave Ryan Coogler notes on the script.

Donald Glover is mentioned in the end credits because he gave Ryan Coogler notes on the script.

No huge deal, proper?!

Jesse Grant / Getty Photos

Black Panther’s cinematographer, Rachel Morrison, is the first female director of pictures to obtain an Oscar nomination (for Mudbound).

Black Panther's cinematographer, Rachel Morrison, is the first female director of photography to receive an Oscar nomination (for Mudbound).

Morrison additionally shot Coogler’s critically acclaimed Fruitvale Station.

Mark Davis / Getty Photos

Rapper Wale makes a brief cameo within the movie.

Rapper Wale makes a brief cameo in the film.

The cameo occurs close to the start of the movie when T'Challa is strolling via the streets of Wakanda.

Mike Coppola / Getty Photos

It is arduous to see, however throughout the interrogation of Ulysses (Andy Serkis), it appears like a bearded Captain America seems on one of many screens within the background.

It's hard to see, but during the interrogation of Ulysses (Andy Serkis), it looks like a bearded Captain America appears on one of the screens in the background.

Steve Rogers, is that you simply?


And eventually, Killmonger and T’Challa cradled their respective useless fathers similarly.

And finally, Killmonger and T'Challa cradled their respective dead fathers in a similar fashion.

Killmonger held his father N'Jobu (Sterling Okay. Brown) the identical method T'Challa held T'Chaka in Civil Warfare.


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There Was 1 Big Star Wars: The Last Jedi Easter Egg Hidden in Rogue One This Whole Time

There are a bunch of spoilers for Star Wars: The Final Jedi lurking beneath, FYI!

One of many main plot factors in Star Wars: The Last Jedi includes the First Order appearing like a nasty Tinder date that simply would not get the trace: regardless of what number of occasions the Republic’s fleet seems to flee their ships by way of hyperspace, they only cannot shake the enemy. Due to the sensible minds of Finn and Rose Tico, they ultimately come to the conclusion that the First Order has devised a option to monitor the resistance’s starships by means of hyperspace journey, which was beforehand assumed to be inconceivable. Whereas the idea is likely to be new to the characters in The Final Jedi, there’s one other set of Star Wars personalities who have been already (at the very least considerably) conscious of the likelihood.

As identified by Reddit user rhodetolove, who clearly has a reminiscence like a metal lure, the idea is definitely first introduced up in 2016’s standalone Star Wars story, Rogue One. Jyn Erso is looking for the Loss of life Star plans in a single scene when she inadvertently stumbles upon different Empire information that element one thing known as “hyperspace monitoring.”

With the data that the occasions in Rogue One precede these in A New Hope, it means the Galactic Empire has been working in the direction of hyperspace monitoring for fairly a while. It isn’t till The Final Jedi, a long time later, that they seem to have lastly succeeded of their mission. Lucasfilm govt Pablo Hidalgo confirmed the retroactive Easter egg on Twitter with a screenshot of textual content that explains hyperspace monitoring was first explored by the “Tarkin Initiative,” a secret assume tank put collectively by the Superior Weapons Analysis division of the Galactic Empire’s intelligence company.

Fairly cool, huh? On the very least, it is one thing else to consider apart from Kylo Ren’s shirtless scene.

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New READY PLAYER ONE Poster Features Huge “Easter Egg” From the Book

Ernest Cline‘s novel Ready Player One isn’t simply an homage to the ’80s; it’s a tribute to those that love popular culture itself. Your entire story, which alternates between a dystopian future world and a digital actuality “oasis” most individuals choose to reside in, revolves round some of the obsessive compulsions of fandom: looking down Easter eggs. Though it’s fairly simple to identify the massive one included within the latest poster for the film.

Within the newest promo for the movie, Tye Sheridan‘s Wade Watts (a.okay.a. Parzival) is seen standing on the ladder to his aunt’s double vast trailer within the “stacks” the place he lives. However he’s not trying down — he’s trying up and past, the place there’s a big egg-shaped gentle. It’s crammed with an impressive sky that appears like a gap to a different dimension, which is precisely what the digital actuality world of the OASIS is to the “misplaced technology” of youngsters who spend most of their time there.

This poster is a transparent reference to Halliday’s Easter Egg Hunt, the duty set forth by James Halliday, the co-creator of the OASIS, which drives the story’s major plot. Upon his loss of life, Halliday’s prerecorded announcement of an unprecedented event is distributed out to the world, with the winner changing into the brand new proprietor of his large digital actuality world and the unimaginable fortune that comes with it.

However whereas Wade is certainly one of thousands and thousands of “Egg hunters,” higher generally known as “gunters,” from around the globe attempting to unravel the seemingly inconceivable quest, he’s additionally being hunted by an evil company who hope to take over the OASIS to allow them to revenue from it.

The film can have a million Easter eggs for us to search out, and whereas we doubt all of them might be this simple to identify, none of them matter as a lot to the story.

Prepared Participant One, directed by Steven Spielberg, logs in to theaters subsequent spring on march 30th, 2018.

What a part of the ebook are you most excited to see within the film? Don’t make us search out your ideas, share them with us within the feedback beneath.

Photographs: Warner Bros. Studios

Extra film newsiness!

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Samsung hid a savage easter egg in its latest anti-Apple ad


Blink and also you may simply miss this easter egg, nevertheless it’s a gem.

Samsung’s newest advert follows an avid iPhone person who finally decides to modify sides after ten years.

The advert, titled “Rising Up,” opens with the person queueing up for his first iPhone in 2007, all the way in which up until current day, the place he lastly sees the sunshine and decides to skip the queue for the iPhone X. 

The minute-long advert manages to majorly throw shade on the iPhone, highlighting all of the criticisms it is confronted through the years: its lack of stylus, non-waterproof telephones, and naturally, the dongles. Read more…

Extra about Iphone, Samsung, Samsung Note, Iphone X, and Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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Cracking Open Every STRANGER THINGS 2 Easter Egg

Warning: there are large spoilers forward for Stranger Things 2! It is best to in all probability wait till you’ve completed the season earlier than persevering with. Or you’ll be able to try our recaps of every episode from season 2.

Stranger Things remains to be on the forefront of our minds as we course of the second season of Netflix’s breakout hit. The Duffer brothers as soon as once more packed in a decade’s value of nostalgia whereas furthering the story of Eleven and the remainder of the youngsters threatened by the Thoughts Flayer and his Demo-dog military from an alternate dimension. Because it’s practically unimaginable to catch each ’80s reference the primary time via, as we speak’s Nerdist News is wanting again at nearly all of Stranger Issues 2‘s Easter Eggs!

Be a part of host and the seventh sister from MKUltra, Jessica Chobot, as she runs down a few of our favourite references from the second season.

Probably the most often requested questions was relating to the costumes worn by Steve and Nancy throughout the Halloween social gathering scene. To catch that one, you’ll have needed to have seen Risky Business, the 1983 comedy starring Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay. The truth is, that complete scene was filled with shout-outs to ’80s motion pictures, together with Rocky, Karate Kid, Animal House, and Flashdance.


And no, you weren’t imagining The Warriors‘ affect on Eleven’s standalone journey along with her “sister” Eight/Kali and her buddies. However in addition they reminded us of the Morlocks, the underground neighborhood of Mutants that have been launched within the pages of Uncanny X-Men in 1983.  Dustin’s new pal, Dart, was virtually a strolling reference that reworked from a cute Gremlins analog to straight-on Xenomorph terror from Aliens. And the way wild was it to see Paul Reiser in one other Aliens like state of affairs when the Demo-Canine overran the lab?

One of many standout moments early within the season was Lucas’ refusal to be the Winston of the group’s Ghostbusters. But it surely was all too straightforward to overlook the second late within the season when Lucas really quoted Winston by mentioning “judgment day.” And regardless that we’ve seen the youngsters’ Ghostbusters costumes for the reason that Tremendous Bowl, they have been nonetheless a few of our favourite ’80s shout outs this season.

Which Stranger Issues 2 Easter Eggs have been your favorites? Let’s talk about within the remark part under!

Want Extra Stranger Issues?

Photos: Netflix

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