The True Story Behind the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Is Way More Disturbing Than the Movie

Tobe Hooper’s 1974 movie The Texas Chain Noticed Bloodbath is one of cinema’s OG horror classics and a should see for any scary movie aficionado. Given how stomach-churning a whole lot of the scenes within the gory slasher may be, it is exhausting to think about that the movie’s story has any root in actuality. Sadly, like a lot of movies and TV shows out there, a real-life serial killer served as inspiration for the film’s chainsaw-wielding villain, Leatherface.

Whereas a household of cannibalistic hillbillies who prey on unsuspecting youngsters is fortunately not a part of the unique story (that we all know of), the concept for Leatherface got here out of the case of assassin Edward Theodore “Ed” Gein, also called the Butcher of Plainfield. He’s suspected to have killed a number of victims between the years of 1954 and 1957 and stays one of the vital disturbing and infamous serial killers in historical past.

The Origin of a Serial Killer

As a younger man rising up in La Crosse, WI, within the early 1900s, Gein became obsessed with his religious fanatic of a mother, Augusta, who steadily ranted and raved about lust and carnal want to Gein and his older brother, Henry. Henry would typically criticize their mom, which infuriated Gein. In 1944, whereas the brothers had been preventing a fireplace within the brush close to their farm in Plainfield, WI, Henry went lacking. Although he was later discovered by police with massive bruises on his head, untouched by the fireplace, the officers dismissed Gein as a suspect because of his shy and docile nature.

Since he did not have a detailed relationship along with his alcoholic father, George, Gein obsessively cared for his mom till her loss of life in 1945. After she handed, he took up the unsettling behavior of robbing graves containing lately buried feminine our bodies. He’d lower off physique components as souvenirs (after which return the remainder of the physique to the grave), which led to him experimenting with necrophilia and human taxidermy.

Michael Wincott’s portrayal of Gein in Hitchcock.

Like Leatherface, he moved right into a ramshackle house which he stuffed along with his grotesque “trophies.” In contrast to the film’s killer, nonetheless, Gein wore the skins of his victims for causes apart from a disfiguring pores and skin illness. To quell his want to be a girl, he took to tanning the skins of the corpses he dug as much as make corsets, leggings, belts constituted of feminine nipples, and masks so he may make a “lady swimsuit” and change into his mom. He reportedly had a vest of feminine pores and skin full with breasts hooked up and feminine genitalia to put on over his personal.

He ultimately went on to kill two girls, Mary Hogan and Bernice Worden, in his city in 1957 (and was a most important suspect in lots of different lacking individuals circumstances). Although Leatherface makes use of a chainsaw all through the movie, Gein shot each of his victims with a pistol. As soon as caught, Gein pleaded not responsible by purpose of madness and was dedicated to a prison psychological hospital. Round a decade later, he stood trial once more and was discovered responsible of homicide and despatched to the Central State Hospital in Wisconsin and the Mendota Psychological Well being Institute, the place he later died of pure causes in 1984.

The Movies He is Influenced

On prime of giving Hollywood the concept for Leatherface, Gein additionally impressed a number of different iconic horror film characters. The primary is Norman Bates, whom creator Robert Bloch based mostly off of Gein in his 1959 novel Psycho. Alfred Hitchcock later tailored the story for his hit 1960 thriller and solid Anthony Perkins as Norman. The parallels between Norman and Gein are apparent: each had an unhealthy fascination with their overbearing moms and a love of taxidermy, and each dressed up as girls within the wake of their moms’ deaths. The Silence of the Lambs followers would possibly see connections between Gein and the Jame Gumb character (aka “Buffalo Invoice”), who was created with Gein’s bloody historical past in thoughts.

There have been plenty of sequels to The Texas Chain Noticed Bloodbath, and one other is on the way in which. Greater than 40 years after the 1974 unique hit theaters, Leatherface, the villain’s origin story, will premiere in October to offer audiences one other glimpse into how this specific character got here to be. The first trailer for the horror movie appears grisly, to make sure, however the real-life inspiration has us much more unsettled.

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