Here Are All Of The Best Jokes About "Riverdale" From This Year

I’m bizarre. I’m a weirdo.

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No, The Jingle Jangle At Trader Joe's Isn't The Drug From "Riverdale"

“The seasonal deal with will sweep you off your ft!”

Jingle Jangle is available in a pixie stick, lasts for 3 days, and makes individuals act like this:

Jingle Jangle comes in a pixie stick, lasts for three days, and makes people act like this:


And other people can not help however consider the Riverdale drug whereas they’re simply tryna do their grocery buying:

I meannnnn, it even is available in ICE CREAM kind! A ghoulie’s dream!

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Dealer Joe’s Jingle Jangle was launched years in the past. It’s only a enjoyable identify that performs off of sleigh bells referenced in Christmas carols, since it’s a vacation merchandise. It’s additionally a enjoyable strategy to describe the sound clients may hear after they give the tin can a shake.


So, there you will have it, you are protected to eat TJ’s Jingle Jangle with out having to fret in regards to the wrath of Black Hood.

So, there you have it, you're safe to consume TJ's Jingle Jangle without having to worry about the wrath of Black Hood.


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A New Trailer For "Riverdale" Just Dropped And Varchie Fans Have Been Shaken To Their Cores

Extraordinarily steamy.

Somebody (most probably a sheriff due to the hat) says that he has “some tragic information to share.”

Someone (most likely a sheriff because of the hat) says that he has "some tragic news to share."

This most probably has one thing to do with Archie's dad being shot, and if it's dangerous information, we could also be seeing the tip of Fred Andrews aka Luke Perry. HOWEVER, this could possibly be a trailer trick and the “dangerous information” is definitely from in a while within the season. However seeing as how they began filming fairly not too long ago, this appears unlikely.

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