I need help searching for a song

hello. i initially posted this on r/tipofmytounge nevertheless it wasn’t answered so unwell ask a extra applicable subreddit.

A very long time in the past i heard a music on my spotify each day combine. It was OK however i did not reserve it, however now i need to hear it once more and its been driving me loopy.

The music sounded some what big-bass like, and a bit of disco-y. It had a beat for about 2 minutes then modified to vocals. That is all i can bear in mind the way it sounded.

However what i bear in mind most was the album cowl. It was a personality made of varied devices. It had drums for toes and perhaps a snare drum for palms. Its head was a synthesizer. It was on a blue background and it was in a operating place.

The artist, if i bear in mind accurately, had made 1 music and its the one i am in search of. Their spotify profile image is the aforementioned characters head.

That is all i can bear in mind from it. I actually want i saved the music.

An album i can examine to most is [this one] (https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/photographs/I/6135gxJc3PL.jpg). Think about all of the instrument however strolling and on a blue background.


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