I suggest investing in cryptocurrency if you have extra money laying around. Especially investing now before the big Bitcoin fork.

EDIT: To anybody who listened the opposite day and purchased Alt cash like Vertcoin, you might be welcome! HUGE worth surge. 50% development in a day.

EDIT: Bitcoin fork canceled, HUGE surge in worth for alt cash. Hope no less than somebody listened!

EDIT: At all times ensure to do your individual analysis and solely make investments with what you might be keen to lose. I put collectively some tutorial and sources for freshmen: https://incomesharks.com/cryptocurrency-resources/

I have been very lucky to have success investing in cryptocurrency over the previous few months. I see everybody working so arduous to make a pair right here and there on this sub, whereas others are simply shopping for cryptocurrency and making a whole lot and even hundreds.

I simply really feel like with how arduous you all work, you deserve some further passive revenue. I am positive a lot of heard of investing in cryptocurrency earlier than however I simply wish to stress that NOW is a superb time. Why??

Nicely round November 16th Bitcoin will fork (third time just lately) and it’ll trigger a feeding frenzy of individuals taking their “free cash” earned from the fork and shopping for into Alt Cash. The true cash will likely be discovering the undervalued cash that at all times explode in worth after forks. I do not need folks considering I am attempting to push sure alt cash so I will allow you to do the analysis or PM if you’d like.

I am positive this will get downvoted however I might suggest performing some analysis. Due to cryptocurrency I not must do duties and I will deal with issues I take pleasure in extra.

Be happy to message me if you’d like any assist, have to know the place to begin, and many others. I am very enthusiastic about this so I really like serving to these in want!

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