Heads up, sweatcoin might be killing battery by using a silly amount of background time.

Heads up, I have been making an attempt to resolve an enormous lower in my cellphone’s battery life and I feel I’ve narrowed it right down to Sweatcoin

After digging via the settings a bit, I discovered sweatcoin doing a silly quantity of backgrounding. I will uninstall it and see what my battery life appears like after.

As somebody who walks 10okay steps a day for work, I hate loosing issues like this. Up to now sweat coin hasn’t truly gotten me something (I’ve the 10okay tier however I’ve by no means used my cash. I am sitting on 300 or so) so it is not big.

I will take away it for every week and evaluate my cellphone’s battery life. Hopefully, it is simply my cellphone and never sweatcoin. Will report again in every week!

[Photos of background usage as reported by IOS 10.3.1 in settings>battery>battery usage](https://imgur.com/gallery/fFiZG)

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