The Hover-1 Cruze is the only electric skateboard that doesn't terrify me


I am an honest skateboarder, and electrical skateboards terrify me. 

Most electrical skateboards are remote-controlled. Once I push the button to start out the board, it tends to jerk abruptly into movement, as a result of my palms are uncoordinated, and my fingers are thick and clumsy. Once I do handle to get it shifting, my finger quivers, as a result of if it slips and pushes the throttle accidentally, the board will abruptly shoot ahead, and I will fall off and die, most likely. 

However after a great deal of looking, I’ve discovered it: An electrical skateboard that I am not always afraid of falling off of. Enter the Hover-1 Cruze, presently accessible for $249.99 at Best BuyRead more…

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5 Short Horror Stories That Will Terrify You In Just 2 Sentences

Halloween is quick approaching, and if binge-watching scary motion pictures isn’t sufficient for you, we’ve bought some ‘seasonal literature’ that simply may do the trick (or deal with).

New York-based artist and CollegeHumor head illustrator Jacob Andrews has plucked a number of the most spine-tingling two-sentence horror tales from the depths of Reddit, and turned them into a brief collection of chilling comics. Unwelcome intruders, texts from the afterlife, and dug-up bones are just some of the themes that hang-out every panel, and it’s superb how they handle to unsettle the reader in so few frames.

Scroll all the way down to get spooked, simply ensure you have each mild in the home on first. You’ll thank us later. Should you’re nonetheless not scared mindless, take a look at extra bit-sized horror tales here.

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