FluxRewards Update : I got paid!

**So excited to obtain cost from FluxRewards at present.
This was my authentic submit -**
>I not too long ago found this website, and it has some first rate affords on it. It pays zero.7 factors for three adverts watched.

>The minimal payout is $1.00, and I’m very near cashing out for the primary time. I’ll replace this submit quickly, with my private cost proof, however there’s already cost proof from different members of the positioning right here:
[Payment Proof](http://fluxrewards.com/web page/payment-proofs)

>Funds are made through PayPal, Present Playing cards are going to be added sooner or later.


>[Non Ref](http://fluxrewards.com/)

[Payment Proof](https://imgur.com/a/3Dw5P)

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Reddit Electronic Music Yearmix 2018 thread #2: UPDATE

[^Reddit ^Electronic ^Music ^Yearmix ^2016 ^MEGATHREAD ^(streaming ^+ ^downloads)](https://www.reddit.com/r/electronicmusic/feedback/4ekbaa/reddit_electronic_music_yearmix_2016_megathread/)

[^Reddit ^Electronic ^Music ^Yearmix ^2017 ^MEGATHREAD ^(streaming ^+ ^downloads) ^(← ^the ^newest ^one!)](https://www.reddit.com/r/electronicmusic/feedback/631pi2/reddit_electronic_music_yearmix_2017_megathread/)

[2018 registration thread (April 2017)](https://www.reddit.com/r/electronicmusic/feedback/647euh/reddit_electronic_music_yearmix_2018_signup/)

[**What is the Reddit Electronic Music Yearmix?** (Previous thread, June 2017)](https://www.reddit.com/r/electronicmusic/feedback/6euc8f/reddit_electronic_music_yearmix_2018_thread_1/)


[*^As ^featured ^in ^Billboard ^magazine! ^(April ^2017)*](http://www.billboard.com/articles/information/dance/7752283/reddit-24-hour-2017-mix)

Hi there everybody! Here is a brand new thread and quick replace for the **Reddit Digital Music Yearmix 2018**. As beforehand talked about, this 12 months’s venture shall be a groundbreaking **48 hours** lengthy, that includes **100 DJs** from world wide, and we hope you are as excited for it as we’re!

We have had a number of messages asking concerning the present standing of the venture, and we’re excited to announce, sure, the venture continues to be coming alongside, and that we’re now about **80% completed** with the recording stage. After that can come the enhancing, artwork, and narration phases of manufacturing which is able to cross considerably sooner.

Sadly there isn’t any estimated launch date in the intervening time, however as new developments come up we are going to ahead it to all of you great individuals.

######Please put up any and all questions or feedback under! We’re blissful to listen to from every certainly one of you 😊


* **What is that this?**

That is the third annual **Reddit Digital Music Yearmix!** DJs from this subreddit and extra come collectively to create one steady 24 *(now 48!)* hour lengthy combine to showcase the superb expertise this communit has to supply. You will discover hyperlinks to earlier years’ mixes [here (2016)](https://www.reddit.com/r/electronicmusic/feedback/4ekbaa/reddit_electronic_music_yearmix_2016_megathread/) and [here (2017).](https://www.reddit.com/r/electronicmusic/feedback/631pi2/reddit_electronic_music_yearmix_2017_megathread/)

* **Is it too late to sign-up?**

Sadly a lot of the lineup has already been determined, however you possibly can nonetheless join by [**this Google Forms survey**](https://docs.google.com/kinds/d/e/1FAIpQLSf8iNZ2Jwsswu7QC4ycZPDCyzNSCLtPwG3Rot81ZhOHCfFlRQ/viewform) and there is a likelihood we might contact you to take part on quick discover throughout the subsequent few weeks.

* **The place will this be launched?**

This shall be accessible for **streaming on Mixcloud** and as a obtain **proper right here on /r/electronicmusic.**



^(DJs’ genres are primarily based on their unique purposes.)

###OHM STAGE (deep and techy with 21 DJs)

* 1) /u/mynameisvenn β€” venn (Deep home) β†’ completed!

* 2) /u/Paulusio β€” Moksha (Deep home) β†’ withdrawn

* three) /u/a_huge_Hassle__Hoff β€” DJ Dingus (Deep home, UK storage) β†’ completed!

* four) /u/WestonParish β€” Weston Parish (Deep home, tech home) β†’ completed!

* 5) /u/ferluno01 β€” Days (Deep home, nu-disco) β†’ completed!

* 6) /u/roofiemonger β€” Soul Lee (Deep home, tech home) β†’ completed!

* 7) /u/quadration β€” Maverick (Deep home) β†’ no reply

* eight) /u/Recluse415 β€” J.Luse (Deep home, underground home) β†’ completed!

* 9) /u/superfuels β€” ~~DJ Droolman~~ DJ Superfuels (Deep home, tech home) β†’ completed!

* **10) /u/boymanguy1 β€” DJ stinkpot (Deep home, funk) β†’ present** (anticipate a PM quickly)

* 11) /u/harrywilde β€” Daigoro (Deep home, jazzy Italo home)

* 12) /u/djscubasteve β€” Steve McGrath (Tech home, jacking home) β†’ completed!

* 13) /u/viciouscyclist β€” w1lkone (Tech home, bass home) β†’ completed!

* **16) /u/Mikronaut β€” Mikronaut (Techno, tech home) β†’ present**

* 16.5) /u/Darth_ephword β€” Wrecktarr (Techno, home) (moved from spot 15)

* 17) /u/Gnrc β€” Eric Hirsch (Techno, home)

* 18) /u/djbkmusic β€” KALISH (Techno, progressive home)

* 19) /u/Oremm β€” Oremm (Techno)

* 19.5) /u/Brotest_the_hero β€” BMAN (Techno, tech home) (moved from spot 14)

* 20) /u/Chiafriend12 β€” Chia (Techno, exhausting techno)

* 21) /u/curryman5 β€” Golden Ratio (Minimal techno, zenon psy-trance)

###BASS STAGE (breakbeats and bass with 27 DJs)

* 22) /u/lskjdflk β€” Phoenix Up (Future bass) β†’ completed!

* 23) /u/ROFLPIZZA β€” Maverick (Lure) β†’ completed!

* 24) /u/carterhutton β€” President C (Future bass) β†’ completed!

* 25) /u/_refriedBEATS_ β€” refriedbeats (Lure) β†’ withdrawn

* 26) /u/Lee5387 β€” TuxedoMask (Lure) β†’ completed!

* 27) /u/bukowskiwaswrong β€” Dank Lloyd Wright (Lure) β†’ completed!

* **28) /u/Kaael β€” Caael (Lure) β†’ present**

* 29) /u/djnobunaga β€” The Vapist Competition entice)

* 30) /u/a_huge_waffle β€” LoMaC (Lure, dubstep)

* 31) /u/Smurf_is_the_way β€” Dejv (Lure, dubstep) β†’ completed!

* 32) /u/LukeSnywalker β€” Luke Snywalker (Dubstep, hybrid entice) β†’ completed!

* 33) /u/Partyreaper β€” Partyreaper (Dubstep) β†’ completed!

* 34) /u/jnj213 β€” jnj213 (Dubstep) β†’ no reply

* **35) /u/themayer β€” theMAYR (Dubstep) β†’ present**

* 36) /u/KingKuranes β€” Kuranes (Bass music)

* 37) /u/xxxyyqqq β€” DJ POSTFINANCE (Juke, footwork)

* 38) /u/Beardrain β€” Seanybug (Bizarre entice, drill n bass)

* 39) /u/STRKZ β€” Stark (Future beats)

* 40) /u/harmonidas β€” Kabouter WWOP (Liquid drum n bass) β†’ completed!

* 41) /u/Handsprime β€” Handsprime (Liquid drum n bass) β†’ completed!

* 42) /u/Cocaine_badger β€” Enkream (Drum n bass) β†’ completed!

* **43) /u/imDJChillWill β€” DJ Chill Will (Drum n bass) β†’ present**

* 44) /u/ElKinesis β€” El Kinesis (Drum n bass)

* 45) /u/RogueStatusDJ β€” Rogue Standing (Drum n bass)

* 46) /u/djransome β€” DJ Ransome (Drum n bass)

* 47) /u/Geekcroft β€” Geekcroft (Drum n bass)

* 48) /u/thatBOOMBOOMguy β€” Hallucihate (Darkstep, crossbreed)

###HOUSE STAGE (four-on-the-floor with 22 DJs)

* 49) /u/Adriftsc β€” DJ Adrift (Disco) β†’ completed!

* 50) /u/Dunneg1 β€” Garret Dunne (Disco) β†’ completed!

* **51) /u/braindusted β€” Synthetik (Breaks, French home) β†’ present**

* 51.5) /u/000010Ten β€” Ten (Future funk) (new addition) β†’ subsequent

* 52) /u/zomboyyy β€” DJ Do Nothing (Home)

* 53) /u/Avidasofficial β€” Avidas (Home, techno)

* 54) /u/dj_jonny_c β€” DJ Jonny C (Home)

* 55) /u/MercurySoldier β€” JoNNo (Home)

* 56) /u/_Marak_ β€” Marak (Home, G-house)

* 57) /u/omgitsreallyme β€” DJ CAVIAR (Bass home, G-house)

* 58) /u/Subset β€” Subset (Bass home, tech home)

* 59) /u/duckfront β€” Pandaboyz (Bass home)

* 60) /u/StamenOfTheShaman β€” Dondo (Bass home) β†’ completed!

* 61) /u/TCABxl β€” TVU (Bass home, electro) β†’ completed!

* 62) /u/TreesOnDeck β€” Jackson Munn (Bass home, deep home) β†’ completed!

* 63) /u/jayikalima β€” Jay Ikalima (Bass home, progressive home) β†’ completed!

* 64) /u/coleeyo β€” DJ Coal (Progressive home) β†’ completed!

* 65) /u/cascade7 β€” Xardo (Progressive home) β†’ completed!

* 66) /u/kzeduk β€” Azeria (Progressive home) β†’ completed!

* 67) /u/Rck88 β€” SMASH (Large room home, electro) β†’ completed!

* 68) /u/ServiceMonkee β€” Stuart Kerr (Electro) β†’ completed!

* 69) /u/HeeroJay β€” HJ (Electro) β†’ completed!

* 70) /u/Swift142 β€” Mercyy (Electro home, future techno)β†’ completed!

* **71) /u/drewmb β€” Smallz (Electro) β†’ present!**

###RAVE STAGE (euphoric and hyperactive sounds with 22 DJs)

* 72) /u/markwebster1 β€” Mark Webster (Trance) β†’ completed!

* 74) /u/Fishfinderphil β€” Foxhunter (Tech trance) β†’ completed!

* 75) /u/Hoonboy β€” Colin HQ (Trance, techno) β†’ completed!

* 76) /u/Pm_ur_rump β€” the Dj Eep (Trance, psy breaks) β†’ completed!

* 77) /u/pachaim β€” mvp (Psy-trance) β†’ completed!

* 78) /u/cookiesslayer β€” Cookies Slayer (Psy-trance) β†’ completed!

* 79) /u/madmonkey91 β€” Dynamite (Psy-trance) β†’ completed!

* 80) /u/djtt88 β€” Dj TT (Uplifting trance, progressive trance) β†’ completed!

* 81) /u/-Yngin- β€” Yngin (Traditional trance) β†’ completed!

* 81.5) /u/s5music215 β€” S5 (Trance, exhausting trance) (moved from #73) β†’ completed!

* 82) /u/fmbhForgotTheirPW β€” Fittmongo BΓΆghora (Uplifting trance, exhausting trance) β†’ completed!

* 83) /u/I_Spew_On_New_Shoes β€” The seventh Earl Of Nails (UK exhausting home) β†’ no reply

* 84) /u/HavestR (previously often known as /u/iNToXiQator) β€” HavestR (Hardstyle) β†’ completed!

* 85) /u/xirxe β€” Limbosquad (Hardstyle) β†’ completed!

* 86) Flapjack (Pleased hardcore, vinyl classsics (1995-2005)) β†’ completed!

* 87) /u/ThinkingForward β€” Modulus (Pleased hardcore) β†’ completed!

* **88) /u/TheLaunchOfficial β€” TheLaunch (UK hardcore) β†’ present!**

* 89) /u/MobileSnow β€” DJ Spree (UK hardcore)

* 90) /u/nightpon3 β€” Nightpon3 (UK hardcore)

* 91) /u/TWI2T3D β€” TWI2T3D (UK hardcore)

* 92) /u/Bean_two β€” Infernal Imp (Hardtek, raggatek)

* 92.5) /u/caldapenguin β€” Cal (Hardcore) (moved from #94)

* 93) /u/xxc3ncoredxx β€” DJ Xodus (Frenchcore, terrorcore)


Tell us what you suppose under! πŸ˜ƒ


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Apple's latest iOS update fixes a bizarre issue that started right after midnight on Dec. 2


That is an odd one: Not lengthy after midnight on Dec. 2, some iOS 11-powered iPhones began crashing.

It was a difficulty with native notifications, as software program engineer Yoshimasa Niwa famous on Twitter (h/t iMore). And it is already been addressed by Apple, which — in an uncommon twist — pushed out iOS 11.2 to all customers only a handful of hours after the ultimate developer beta model of the replace went reside.

Most iOS updates arrive on Tuesdays, however the time-related crashes clearly led Apple to tug the set off early.

You probably have an app that has native notification with repeating settings, it would crash iOS Springboard on Dec. 2 (Tomorrow!) Here’s a reproducible app by @takayamahttps://t.co/ecEoxFN2hM

— Yoshimasa Niwa (@niw) December 2, 2017 Read more…

Extra about Tech, Apple, Iphone, Ios 11, and Consumer Tech

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Ω‚Ψ§Ω„Ψ¨ وردپرس

UPDATE on HackNRack.com’s Sec Breach – Tournament Continuing till the 18th! $250 in Prizes to 30 Place Winners!

For these of you that do not know, HackNRack.com is a Free-To-Play, “Hacker simulation” RPG-MMO, combined with a number of Get-Paid-To website options, permitting gamers to earn factors and credit, improve their hacking machine, and hack different gamers for in-game forex that may be cashed out for GiftCards, Paypal, and/or Bitcoin. It began this yr in June, and has seen a number of updates, and a earlier profitable Match. This month began with an October Hackers Harvest Competition that awards over $250 in Prizes to the contributors!

A few of you skilled the unlucky safety breach throughout HackNRack.com’s October Match this final week. Apparently any person discovered an exploit to provide themselves huge quantities of Match Factors, which finally obtained them caught, however the web site ended up happening for a pair days so the breach might be mounted, and the cheater banned.

What most individuals do not realize, is that the web site went again up at midnight the evening earlier than final, and the Match continued final evening at midnight basically the place it left off. The issue is, there are solely like 10 gamers tops who’re again on and competing within the Match. And there are 30 Place Prizes! So anybody might be a part of proper now and climb the ranks inside a pair days!

My authentic reddit put up continues to be up from earlier this month @ https://redd.it/74jpwr , so in order for you some data from that you would be able to see all of the feedback and even a ref prepare that began if you’re πŸ˜›

Both manner, the positioning is again up, and the Match is constant!

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Remember The Guy Who "Ghosted" His GF And Then She Became His Boss? Well, There's An Update

This fuckin’ man.

Again in August, our favourite office recommendation weblog, Ask a Manager, featured a question that instantly turned the stuff of advice-column legend.

Back in August, our favorite workplace advice blog, Ask a Manager, featured a question that immediately became the stuff of advice-column legend.

Antonioguillem / Getty Photographs

Over the Christmas break, whereas she was visiting her household, I merely moved out and left the nation. I took benefit of the truth that I accepted a job in different nation and didn’t inform her about it. I merely wished to keep away from being untangled in a break-up drama. Sylvia was quite emotional and have become obsessive about the connection, monitoring me down, even inflicting numerous scenes with my dad and mom and buddies. … I now work as a math instructor in a world faculty. I’ve been in different relationships since, so Sylvia is a kind of forgotten historical past. Sadly, until now. This week, I learnt that our improbable faculty director abruptly resigned resulting from a critical household state of affairs and needed to transfer again to her house nation over the summer season. The college needed to exchange her. We’re getting a brand new director. I learn the bio of the brand new boss and googled her and was shocked to find it’s Sylvia. We’ve not been in contact and do not need any mutual buddies anymore. I’m not a giant fan of social media and had no thought what she had been as much as because the disagreeable state of affairs a very long time in the past.

Nevertheless it later got here out that he had “ghosted” her by JUST UP AND LEAVING THE COUNTRY AFTER THREE YEARS OF DATING AND TWO YEARS OF LIVING TOGETHER.


Uh, that's not “ghosting,” my man. That’s relationship obliteration.

Antonioguillem / Getty Photographs

WELL! WELL WELL WELL. The letter author despatched an update.

WELL! WELL WELL WELL. The letter writer sent an update.


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Adme Update (8/31)


So I do know that Adme is a typical app used on this web site, how ever they just lately went by means of an replace.

– App now consists of scratch playing cards (not price it as you don’t win and obtain no bonus in contrast to Lucktastic, Slidejoy, or Fronto.
– Earnings now use three decimal locations (eight.340)
– Incomes Historical past is now displayed in a tab of its personal.
– Improved person interface
– Referrels at the moment are enabled for the applying.

If you’re thinking about making an attempt this app:

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