Report: Billy Dee Williams to Return for STAR WARS: EPISODE IX

Billy Dee Williams was one of many few main solid members from the unique Star Wars trilogy who didn’t have an element in The Force Awakens. And whereas Rian Johnson thought-about bringing Williams again for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, he was finally omitted of that movie as properly. Now, Williams could lastly be reprising his position as Lando Calrissian for Star Wars: Episode IX.

In response to The Hollywood Reporter, Williams’ Star Wars homecoming has been confirmed, though Lucasfilm has but to make an official touch upon the report. Rumors about Williams’ return had been sparked when the 81-year outdated actor revealed that he was on a brand new health routine. Williams additionally canceled his upcoming look at a comic book conference whereas citing a battle together with his film schedule.

Williams originated the position of Lando in The Empire Strikes Back, earlier than taking a fair bigger position in Return of the Jedi. Since then, Williams has sometimes reprised his iconic half, most not too long ago by voicing the character in Star Wars Rebels. Donald Glover portrayed a youthful model of Lando in Solo: A Star Wars Story earlier this yr.

Within the aftermath of The Final Jedi, Lando’s return is sensible inside the bigger narrative. It’s unclear if Lando was concerned with Basic Leia’s Resistance, however the ultimate fates of Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and certain Leia herself will in all probability present Lando the motivation he must as soon as once more settle for a management position. That’s simply hypothesis for now, however we’re desirous to see how Lando’s new story performs out.

Star Wars: Episode IX will start filming this summer season, and will probably be launched on December 20, 2019.

Are you enthusiastic about Lando’s huge comeback? Tell us within the remark part under!

Pictures: Lucasfilm

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Queer Eye, and 64 Other New Titles Hitting Netflix in June

If you happen to suppose Netflix’s May lineup was its strongest but, suppose once more. The streaming service has an entire host of thrilling new titles which can be virtually begging to be binged as soon as June rolls round, and by chance we are able to fill you in on what’s to return. First up? Motion pictures like Blue Jasmine, National Treasure, and Miracle. Because the month goes on, you will additionally have the ability to begin watching season 14 of Gray’s Anatomy and Star Wars: The Final Jedi! Since June continues to be just a few days away, go take a look at all of Netflix’s best original titles obtainable to stream within the meantime.

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Darth Maul and Boba Fett are BFFs IRL (And Here’s What it Means for STAR WARS)

The galaxy far, far-off is chock stuffed with dynamic duos: Han Solo and Chewbacca, C-3PO and R2-D2, Anakin Skywalker and never having the excessive floor. Now there’s a model new terrific twosome on the town they usually’re blowing up Instagram like so many Demise Stars with movies of them hanging out, shocking followers, and training candy stunts collectively IRL: Darth Maul and Boba Fett. Or, extra precisely, actors Ray Park and Daniel Logan, who portrayed Darth Maul (bodily) and younger Boba Fett within the prequel trilogy, respectively.

However we have now a idea that these two aren’t simply flipping out on Instagram for Siths and giggles. What in the event that they’re coaching for an journey within the galaxy far, far-off? And never one about Han Solo, however slightly a film all concerning the Crimson Daybreak crime syndicate. Be a part of host Hector Navarro for a spoiler-filled, speculatory journey into the way forward for Star Wars as we break down what this friendship may portend for the galaxy far, far-off on a model new episode of Nerdist Information Version.

Because of the brand new expanded universe canon, we have now seen extra of Boba Fett’s adventures outdoors the unique trilogy. Now with a rumored Boba Fett movie from Logan director James Mangold on the way in which, it appears to be like as thought we’re about to get a complete lot extra of the Mandalorian-armored mercenary sooner or later. Now we have a number of theories as to what this film might be about, they usually’re tied to the real-life friendship we’ve seen blossoming between Park and Logan.

Choice #1: Boba Fett Begins

Set across the identical time interval as Solo: A Star Wars Story, this film may present us how Boba Fett earned the lethal repute he has once we meet him in The Empire Strikes Again. Think about a gritty crime drama set within the seedy underbelly of the Star Wars universe as Boba Fett makes a reputation for himself working for crime lords like Jabba the Hutt, the Pyke Syndicate, and finally Darth Maul himself, who may function a unifying thread and the overarching villain for every movie. This might function an oblique sequel to Solo–during which Maul had that surprising cameo on the finish–and allow Lucasfilm to nonetheless use characters with ties to the underworld like Han Solo, Chewie, Lando, and Qi’ra, all of whom seemingly signed contracts locking them in to a number of motion pictures. A narrative like this is able to additionally set the stage for a 3rd movie the place Han and/or Boba work collectively or in opposition to one another so as to take down Maul, Qi’ra, and the Crimson Daybreak for good, blowing up a complete bunch of stuff within the course of. For instance, it would lastly clarify why Vader singles Boba out for his tendency to disintegrate individuals in Empire.

Choice #2: Submit-Sarlacc Pit

In the event you’ve steeped your self in basic Star Wars Expanded Universe lore, then you recognize that Boba Fett’s story didn’t finish after he was swallowed entire by the sarlacc dwelling inside the Nice Pit of Carkoon in Return of the Jedi. Whereas it’s unlikely Fett will likely be preventing within the Yuuzhan Vong Struggle anytime quickly, we may see him probably making his method to the Outer Rim and doing a little soiled work for an up-and-coming energy dealer and literal Scarface: Supreme Chief Snoke. Boba’s latter-day adventures would assist clarify how Snoke rose to energy, and in addition how Boba helped ship not one, however two Solos fall into the arms of the dangerous guys.

Choice #three: Teen Boba

Perhaps they’ll recast Boba Fett utterly and go together with a movie set simply after The Clone Wars showcasing the younger bounty hunter as a moody, disrespectful teenager delivered to heel by Aurra Sing earlier than she’s later killed by Tobias Beckett.

And, in fact, that is to say nothing of possibility #four, which is that none of these items come to cross and all of our great concepts get reduce off on the knees like…

Too quickly?

However what do you suppose? Are Darth Maul and Boba Fett coaching to do a film collectively? Which of those film would you most need to see? Tell us within the feedback beneath!

Pictures: Disney/Lucasfilm

Extra reporting by Jesse B. Gill.

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35 STAR WARS References and Easter Eggs in SOLO

Warning: Spoilers observe for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Soar into hyperspace and away from this web page for those who haven’t seen the film but.

Solo: A Star Wars Story goes deep into the Star Wars universe. Writers Lawrence Kasdan and Jon Kasdan included dozens of references, Easter eggs, and callbacks from canonical tales and Legends into the movie about Han Solo’s early years. They linked the standalone film to characters from different tales, areas, video video games, and extra. After two viewings, I caught over 40 connections to the remainder of the Star Wars galaxy:


Lando references dealing with some enterprise for Dryden Vos on Felucia. The planet appeared in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and on the finish of Revenge of the Sith; it’s the place the Jedi Aayla Secura was killed after Palpatine enacted Order 66.


Enfys Nest’s Cloud-Riders are named after a Legends swoop gang that appeared in Star Wars comics printed within the late ’70s.

Teräs Käsi

Qi’ra mentions studying Teräs Käsi from Dryden Vos; the fight self-discipline was launched within the Legends title Shadows of the Empire and highlighted in a PlayStation combating recreation known as Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi.

Aurra Sing

Beckett may need been liable for the dying of Aurra Sing. You’ll be able to see the bounty hunter within the stands watching the Boonta Eve Podrace in The Phantom Menace, within the Darth Maul comic, and in The Clone Wars.

Glee Anselm

Beckett’s homeworld is Glee Anselm; it’s house to Nautolans comparable to Package Fisto and was seen through hologram in The Clone Wars.


Darth Maul tells Qi’ra to come back to Dathomir. It’s his house and the place we first meet the Nightsisters in season three of Clone Wars.

Darth Maul

Then there’s Darth Maul himself. The intimidating former Sith Lord and present crime boss has roots in Episode I; his story continued in The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. Study extra about his history.

Tubes and Weazel

One of many Cloud-Riders in Enfys’ gang is likely one of the Two Tubes brothers seen in Noticed Gerrera’s partisan group in Rogue One. The Cloud-Rider performed by Warwick Davis (who has performed a number of roles within the Star Wars universe, together with the Ewok Wicket) is Weazel, an arms vendor and gambler proven on Tatooine in The Phantom Menace.

Pyke Syndicate

The Kessel spice mines are operated by the Pyke Syndicate, an underworld group canonized in The Clone Wars. They have been a part of Maul’s Shadow Collective (extra on that here) and likewise liable for killing Sifo-Dyas, the identify the Kaminoans give in Assault of the Clones for the one that ordered the creation of the clone military.

Sharu, Oseon, StarCave Nebula

Whereas Han and Beckett work on the Kessel heist, Lando stays aboard the Millennium Falcon to document the Lando Calrissian Chronicles, tales about his adventures. He mentions Sharu, which is a nod to the title of The Lando Calrissian Adventures Legends e book Lando Calrissian and the Mindharp of Sharu. Mentions of Oseon and the StarCave Nebula are additionally references to this book trilogy.


Beckett teases Val about studying to play the valachord, the musical instrument she’s named after. Snap Wexley, a.okay.a. Greg Grunberg’s character in The Pressure Awakens, performed the instrument within the Aftermath books.

Chewbacca ripping arms off

Chewbacca rips a guard’s arms off on Kessel. In A New Hope, Han teased R2-D2 that Wookiees rip arms off after they lose, however that is the primary time we’ve seen it occur (although The Pressure Awakens novelization had Chewbacca tearing limbs at Maz Kanata’s fort).

Colo claw fish

When Han goes to Dryden’s ship at hand over the coaxium, the crime boss presents a claw fish snack. The creature is the big fish we noticed assault Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan on Naboo in The Phantom Menace.

The Maw

The swirling hazard surrounding Kessel in Solo is The Maw. The identify is pulled from Legends, particularly from The Jedi Academy trilogy.


Woman Proxima’s scrumrats on Corellia discuss getting parts in trade for his or her discoveries, which is paying homage to how Rey received parts from Unkar Plutt as fee for scavenged materials on Jakku in The Pressure Awakens.

“Transfer alongside”

Stormtroopers at Corellia’s spaceport inform folks, “Transfer alongside,” similar to the stormtroopers in Mos Eisley in Episode IV.

Coronet Metropolis

Han and Qi’ra head to Coronet Metropolis to get off the planet. The foremost Corellian metropolis appeared repeatedly in Legends, in sequence comparable to Legacy of the Pressure and in canonical novels like Aftermath.

Music Ties

John Williams composed a single monitor for Solo, however composer John Powell pulled from Williams’ established library for the soundtrack, together with motifs from “The Imperial March” and “Asteroid Discipline.”


Han flunks out of the Imperial Naval Academy on Carida in Solo. In Legends titles, the planet was house to a serious army coaching institution.


When Han’s kicked out of the Academy, he turns into a part of the infantry on Mimban. Mimban’s historical past goes again to 1978 to the Legends title Splinter of the Thoughts’s Eye, one of many first Star Wars books ever printed. In canon, the Mud Jumpers of the 224th on Mimban acquired a call-out in The Clone Wars.

AV-21 landspeeder

Han stole an AV-21 landspeeder throughout his youth, and for those who performed Star Wars Galaxies within the early 2000s, you would possibly bear in mind how laborious it was to accumulate the uncommon automobile within the recreation.


Whenever you hear “moof-milker” in Solo, it ought to sound acquainted due to this line in The Pressure Awakens: “Some moof-milker put in a compressor on the ignition line!”

Bossk and the Xan sisters

Val is aggravated with Beckett for bringing in amateurs for the Conveyex job and laments not calling Bossk or the Xan sisters. Bossk is the Trandoshan bounty hunter first seen in The Empire Strikes Again and later in The Clone Wars. Xan sisters is probably going a reference to Legends’ Zan Pike of the Pike sisters; they have been criminals employed by Black Solar in Shadows of the Empire.

Viper droid

Viper probe droids take out Val, and we’ve seen them earlier than in a wide range of settings, most notably on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Again.


The identify Scarif comes up when Han and Beckett are attempting to promote their coaxium plan to Vos. It’s the place a small group of rebels stole the Demise Star plans in Rogue One.

Black Spire and Dok-Ondar

L3-37 mentions Lando couldn’t get to Black Spire with out her, and Qi’ra feedback on ensuring Dok-Ondar, a visitor of Dryden’s, is taken care of. Each are references to the upcoming Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge areas at Disney Parks; Black Spire’s the identify of the village and Dok-Ondar is an Ithorian collector who could have a task in Galaxy’s Edge.

Si’Klaata Cluster

The path to Kessel consists of the Si’Klaata Cluster. The star cluster was created for a Legends information printed by West Finish Video games within the ’90s, Galaxy Information 12: Aliens – Enemies and Allies.

Beckett’s Disguise

Beckett wears a disguise on Kessel, and it’s the identical outfit worn by Lando when he infiltrated Jabba’s palace in Return of the Jedi.

Tatooine Gangster

Talking of Jabba, Beckett talks about departing Savareen for one more job arrange by a bigshot Tatooine gangster. He’s referring to Jabba the Hutt.

A Roast

Rio Durant mentions a mynock roast; mynocks are the creatures that latched onto the Falcon whereas they have been contained in the house slug in Empire Strikes Again.

Crystal cranium and Mandalorian armor

Dryden Vos’ workplace on his yacht is filled with treasures and artifacts. Amongst them is a set of Mandalorian armor and a crystal cranium. The cranium is a nod to Xim the Despot from the Legend novel, Han Solo and the Misplaced Legacy.


Han wins the Falcon from Lando in a recreation of sabacc. The cardboard recreation was launched in Lando Calrissian and the Mindharp of Sharu and has since been referenced many instances in Legends and in canon.

“I do know”

After their misadventures, Lando says to Han, “I hate you.” Han replies, “I do know.” It’s a play on his notorious I like you/I do know scene with Leia in Empire.

Mining colonies

When discussing Kessel, Lando feedback, “Mining colonies are the worst.” He goes on to function an administrator of Cloud Metropolis, a Tibanna gasoline mining colony.

A value

Beckett tells Han about how he doesn’t wish to find yourself with a value on his head, which foreshadows Han’s life. Han leaves the rebels in Empire Strikes Again due to it; he tells Basic Rieekan there’s a value on his head.

That is removed from a whole record. There’s Dejarik, the thermal detonator, the Decraniated, Han being kicked out of the Imperial Academy like he was in Legends, and extra. And different non-Star Wars nods within the movie embrace a tie to Back to the Future and the inclusion of the Golden Idol and the Sankara Stones from the Indiana Jones movies.

Did you discover these references? Did you catch any others? Share them within the feedback.

Photographs: Lucasfilm, Del Rey, Ballantine, LucasArts

Amy Ratcliffe is the Managing Editor for Nerdist. She likes Star Wars just a little. Observe her on Twitter.

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'Solo' features two major deep cuts from the old, now-dead Star Wars canon


The Legends of Star Wars stay on in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

First, a quick historical past lesson: Not lengthy after Disney acquired Lucasfilm in 2012, the brand new company mum or dad made a controversial resolution. The Star Wars Expanded Universe, a timeline of occasions exterior the films that was chronicled in books, comics, video video games, and extra, could be no extra.

The assorted types of media from that timeline could be re-branded as “Legends” to keep away from confusion. In the meantime, all future books, comics, video games, and so on. would fold into a brand new and improved Star Wars canon, grounded by the films and the Clone Wars TV sequence (Rebels did not exist at that time).  Read more…

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Thandie Newton's Cannes Gown Makes a Strong Statement About Diversity in the Star Wars Franchise

All eyes had been on Thandie Newton and her customized Vivienne Westwood robe whereas she walked the Cannes red carpet on the Solo: A Star Wars Story premiere on Might 15. At first look, the costume seems merely to be a chic off-the-shoulder gold robe, however look nearer and you will discover motion determine illustrations of the black male Star Wars characters, a big assertion for each the actress and the franchise.

Thandie’s stylist, Erin Walsh, posted a sketch of the breathtaking costume on Instagram and revealed the inspiration behind it. “Thandie had the good thought to make a costume lined in a print with pictures of iconic black Star Wars characters!” Erin wrote within the caption. “She needed to have a good time her position within the iconic historical past of the franchise!”

Thandie is the primary black girl to have a number one position on display screen in a Star Wars film, which is certainly an element value celebrating! Her robe is a nod to the black characters who got here earlier than hers — like Finn, Noticed Gerrera, Mace Windu, Captain Panaka, and Lando Calrissian — and symbolizes a hopeful future for additional variety within the franchise together with her character Val.

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SOLO Reviews Should Put STAR WARS Fans’ Worst Fears to Rest

There was a sense of nice shock among the many overwhelmingly positive first reactions to Solo‘s world premiere final week. Between skepticism over whether or not anybody may fill Harrison Ford’s vest, and Lucasfilm’s surprising resolution to switch administrators Phil Lord and Chris Miller with Ron Howard late within the manufacturing, some have been involved Disney was about to ship its first Star Wars flop since shopping for the franchise.

However there’s an enormous distinction between first reactions–that are shared amid the glitz and glamour of a prestigious premiere–and the analytical guise of critics who’ve time to collect their ideas. So with the primary, full evaluations for the movie now out, did it reside as much as the opening night time hype, or did getting away from the glow of the crimson carpet’s shiny lights take among the shine off the movie? It sounds prefer it will depend on what you have been anticipating from the movie within the first place.

We’ll begin with our own Kyle Anderson, who describes Solo as “A New Hope with out the mysticism,” which he says marks an necessary improvement for the franchise.

“The Star Wars franchise below Disney and Lucasfilm is a protracted recreation, and so they’ve lastly realized not each film must be the enormous, saga-shattering puzzle piece, however as an alternative generally is a strong house journey, like the very best of what are actually thought of Legends. I wasn’t blown away, however I’m totally compelled to observe extra Solo films, which even per week in the past was not what I anticipated in any respect.”

Angie Han at Mashable says Alden Ehrenreich is not any Harrison Ford, which is the very best information attainable concerning the film, particularly as a result of it wouldn’t work in case you didn’t care about Han Solo.

“Everybody who feared Ford was irreplaceable as the enduring character was proper. Ehrenreich would by no means be mistaken for Ford in any sense. We’ve seen higher impressions of Ford’s drawl on Saturday Evening Dwell. However that’s additionally the nice information about Solo: A Star Wars Story. Fairly than attempt to mimic Ford’s work beat-for-beat, Ehrenreich has discovered a option to make the function his personal, and in doing so to point out us this acquainted character from a contemporary perspective.”

IGN‘s Jim Vejvoda says nevertheless that whereas the film gives a enjoyable time, it by no means actually justifies why it exists within the first place.

“Its story holds treasured few surprises and the title character ends this movie as just about the identical individual he was once we met him in the beginning — with out fairly changing into the individual Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi discovered and pulled out of a wretched hive of scum and villainy on Tatooine. It’s a great factor, then, that the film stays at the least entertaining sufficient to maintain one engaged by way of all of the rote story beats of studying how Han Solo acquired the Millennium Falcon or met Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian.”

At CBR, Meg Downey writes the film will exceed followers worst fears, nevertheless it gained’t soar to the heights of its most hopeful viewers, partly as a result of it gained’t cease over-explaining issues to them.

“Did you ever wish to know why Han’s final identify is “Solo?” That’s right here. The origin of these chained metallic cube on the “sprint” of the Falcon? That’s right here, too. The Kessel Run? You betcha. Han saying he’s received a great feeling as an alternative of a foul one? Positive factor. It’s a smorgasbord of fanservice moments that virtually look instantly into the digital camera and wink, however every time it occurs, the gesture will get much less and fewer endearing. The truth is, about midway by way of the relentless self-referencing and over-explanation of nearly each facet of Han’s character begins to really feel much less like an try to inform an actual story and extra like an trustworthy effort to make your complete Star Wars universe seem to be an engine powered by cosmic coincidences.”

Bryan Bishop at The Verge thinks the film would possibly definitively show how necessary legendary Star Wars determine Lawrence Kasdan is to the success of the franchise.

“However like its title character pulling off a loopy scheme simply within the nick of time, Solo is a swashbuckling success, an area journey that pays homage to the DNA of the unique movies whereas carving out its personal distinctive house within the canon. It’s a sheer delight, nevertheless it additionally has the braveness to discover the darker points of a personality who may have all too simply been polished to an inoffensive, family-friendly Disney sheen. Solo represents essentially the most refined iteration but of the brand new Disney/Lucasfilm method–and cements longtime sequence screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan’s place because the defining voice of the Star Wars universe.”

Over at io9, Germain Lussier has excessive reward for the movie’s forged, motion, and emotional influence that he thinks followers of the galaxy far, far-off will get pleasure from.

“Let me be clear: Solo has flaws. However these flaws pale compared to the remainder of it. This will not be your favourite Star Wars film, and it positively gained’t change what you suppose Star Wars might be. It should, nevertheless, remind you of all the things you’re keen on about it and, hopefully, have you ever grinning like Han the primary time he jumps to hyperspace.”

Alonso Duralde at The Wrap says the film wastes robust performances from its forged with a narrative that feels misplaced within the franchise.

“Solo” is much less a film than it’s that web page in Highlights Journal that makes you are feeling good for locating the chair and the bicycle within the hidden image. As an intergalactic journey, it’s principally ample, with some very profitable components, however in case you stripped the “Star Wars” names and locations and put it into the world as a free-standing sci-fi-action film, it’s uncertain that it will spawn a lot pleasure, not to mention sequels.”

Entertainment Weekly‘s Chris Nashawaty appreciated the film even when it didn’t obtain true greatness, probably as a result of the very best a part of the movie was one other character.

“Talking of Glover, it’s no spoiler to say that the Atlanta star is definitely the very best factor on this good-not-great film. Greater than any large motion set piece or narrative double cross (and there are many them because of a clean crime boss performed by Paul Bettany), it’s Glover’s mack-daddy, Colt 45 swagger because the rakish gambler previously performed by Billy Dee Williams that would be the factor you’ll be buzzing about after the lights come up (properly, that and the way a lot you’d relatively see his standalone origin story).”

Kristy Puchko at Pajiba says it’s not an excellent signal the most effective characters within the galaxy performs second fiddle in his personal film.

“When the very best factor a few Han Solo film is Lando and his robotic sidekick, that’s an issue, proper? Extra particularly, that’s the issue on the middle of Solo: A Star Wars Story. By some means, Disney took one of the crucial charismatic characters within the universe and turned him right into a plucky but uninteresting hero with an uninspired origin story, by which he’s outshone by all issues Lando Calrissian. (And sure, that features house capes!)”

It definitely looks like followers don’t have to fret about their largest fears concerning the film coming true, however what you count on from a Star Wars movie about Han Solo will nonetheless matter whenever you see it.

What do you make of those evaluations? Does it sound like a film you wish to see roughly? Inform us why within the feedback beneath.

Photographs: Lucasfilm

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First Reactions to SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY Say It’s a Pleasant Surprise

It’s solely been 5 months because the galaxy far, far-off descended on theaters with The Final Jedi, a movie that divided Star Wars followers after it gave us an older, extra cynical Luke Skywalker. But when some didn’t like seeing their hero in a special gentle, how will they reply to seeing a youthful, much less skilled model of one other beloved determine from the unique trilogy, this time performed by a wholly totally different actor? Based mostly on the primary reactions to Solo‘s world premiere on the El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles, the film may have the ability to begin therapeutic the rift amongst followers.

Points throughout manufacturing, most notably that Ron Howard reshot a majority of the film after changing unique administrators Chris Miller and Phil Lord who left over “artistic variations,” had loads of Star Wars followers questioning whether or not or not Lucasfilm ought to delay the discharge. But it surely feels like these worries had been a lot ado about nothing.

Right here’s what the Nerdist workforce thought:

However we weren’t the one ones who left the theater completely happy.

We’re not precisely shocked these in attendance liked Donald Glover’s Lando Calrissian, however some thought it took the film a while to actually hit the hyperdrive, and so they additionally wanted time to get used to seeing Alden Ehrenreich play Han.

The largest draw back to those reactions? The remainder of us have to attend till Could 25th to see Solo.

What do you consider these first reactions? Are you extra excited to see it now? Share your ideas with us within the feedback part under.

Featured Picture: Lucasfilm

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Our Favorite GIFs of STAR WARS BFFs Han and Chewbacca

As the discharge date of Solo: A Star Wars Story attracts ever nearer, we’ve had a query on our minds: What’s a person with out his greatest pal?” Within the case of Han Solo, he’s nonetheless a scruffy but charming smuggler with a killer smile and a cool vest. However no story about stated smuggler can be full with out his Wookiee co-pilot and greatest pal, Chewie.

To have a good time the particular relationship Han and Chewbacca share, we collected all our favourite GIFs in a single place and a few useful recommendations for when to deploy them.

If “Snort and the Wookiee laughs with you” isn’t already a typical expression, it most likely ought to be.

In spite of everything, we’re properly conscious that laughter is a giant a part of Han and Chewie’s friendship…

Even when they’re not all the time each laughing.

However that laughter is all the time out of affection. A love that’s evident by means of each interplay. Who wouldn’t need to be on the receiving finish of a heat and snuggly Wookiee hug?

This one is good for these occasions you have to carry somebody up, emotionally or in any other case.

And that is good if you happen to haven’t mastered the artwork of the wink (as so few have). It’s exhausting to learn Chewie’s expressions generally, however he’s clearly proud to be Han’s wingman right here.

Perhaps you’re simply feeling confused and may’t put it into phrases. As ever, our heroes can relate. (Bonus factors for the Finn cameo.)

Now, let’s say you simply received again from a protracted journey and also you couldn’t be happier about it. (I’m not crying, you’re crying!)

And at last, think about you’re about to embark on a new journey and the very last thing you have to do earlier than you go is get a pep discuss out of your touring companion. (I’m prepared for some context for this one, and I’m positive you might be, too.)

Do you’ve gotten any extra Han and Chewbacca GIFs to finish our roundup? Tell us within the feedback!

Pictures: Lucasfilm, Giphy

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Will We Meet Chewbacca’s Family in SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY?

It’s solely been a couple of months since Rian Johnson’s The Final Jedi, however we’re close to the discharge of brand name new Star Wars movie with the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story. Lucasfilm has been tight lipped after the broadly reported cut up with authentic administrators Lord and Miller, however in the previous couple of weeks the corporate has handled us to a complete bunch of unbelievable TV spots and trailers which have given us just a little extra perception into the most recent entry to the galactic franchise. Probably the most thrilling elements of what we’ve seen up to now has undoubtedly been how heavy on Chewie they’ve all been! And one significantly transferring Wookiee second has us questioning if we would see the return of (a few of) Chewie’s household that appeared within the a lot maligned Star Wars Vacation Particular.

Within the first full trailer for Solo we see Chewie share an embrace with a fellow Wookiee in entrance of the Millennium Falcon, main many followers to marvel if that Wookie may probably be Malla, Chewbacca’s spouse from the notorious Vacation Particular. The now-decanonized two hour made-for-TV film took on the type of a range present and centered on Chewie’s household as they celebrated Life Day, ready for Han to point out up with Kashyyyk’s most well-known son. Although the experiment was an final failure, it did introduce us to Chewie’s nearest and dearest, a few of whom have already been launched into the brand new foremost Star Wars canon.

Within the third ebook of Chuck Wendig’s superior Aftermath trilogy we’re launched to a younger Wookiee insurgent named Lumpawaroo, which is the moniker that Chewie’s son glided by within the Vacation Particular. He was later revealed to be the son of our favourite co-pilot, so it looks as if Lumpy is as soon as once more canon. This trailer hints that we may quickly see Malla be part of her son and husband. The truth that Solo: A Star Wars Story appears to be like like it is going to be Chewie-heavy makes the selection to reintroduce his entire household to canon a logical alternative.

Might we get to see Chewie, Lumpy, and Malla collectively, dwelling fortunately earlier than Chewie groups up along with his BFF for all times and heads off into the galaxy for journey? There’s a (fairly excessive) probability that the movie subverts the basic narrative of the Wookiee saving hapless Han, and making a situation that sees Solo save Chewie. That would result in the honorable Wookiee owing Han a life debt, that means he’d have to go away his household, which might clarify his dedication and dedication to Han Solo and his galactic adventures. Giving us this time with Chewie and his household would seemingly make his determination to go away them and be part of Han/repay his life debt that rather more transferring and bittersweet, including a degree of emotional depth that followers have by no means actually seen in  Chewie’s life earlier than Han, Luke, and Leia.

All of the indicators are pointing in direction of a Wookiee household reunion and we’re 100% right here for it! Chewie has lengthy been a stalwart of the Star Wars universe, and from what we’ve seen of the film up to now it appears to be like like we’ll lastly be attending to know the 190 yr outdated Kashyyyk native in a means we’ve by no means gotten to on display earlier than!

Photographs: Lucasfilm, Disney

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